Difference Between Fade and Taper


Does the difference between fade and taper confuse you? The most common debate among hairstylists regarding the difference between fade and taper can be very confusing. And so it happens, that you walk into the barber shop around the corner, and ask your hairstylist for a tapered haircut. But you end up with a fade. … Read more

Understanding The Tapered Fade Haircut for Men

What seems to be the most sought out haircut of the 21st century, Tapered fade is the transition from the era of Basin cuts to a style which has called for barbers to up their expertise as every guy looks to perfect this new look of the century. Tapered fade originated in the 40s and … Read more

5 Reasons Why You NEED a Best Friends Bucket List

It is important in life to do the things you love; with the people you care about. Having a best friends bucket list keeps you on track and mindful about what you want to do, the experiences you want to share and the memories you want to create. If we truly scrutinize our lives, we … Read more

Haircut Length Chart for Men with Style


We’ve designed a printable haircut length chart for men with style that we’d like to share with you. Over the last couple of months, we’ve been covering all sorts of men’s hairstyles. To mention a few: tapered fade, haircuts for men with thin hair, hairstyles of men with thick hair, and hairstyles of men with curly … Read more

Slick Back Haircut for Men


Being one of the most popular hairstyles for men, the slick back haircut has been the epitome of fashionable since a while. The following guide that we have put up will help you in understanding the haircut. It will give you all the details and advises that are needed. But first, you need to know … Read more

Haircuts For Men With Curly Hair


Chic hairstyles and haircuts for men with curly hair can be a bit of a task. Considering the fact when it comes to styling it and cutting it. However, while this curly hair texture can be tough to tame and control, the correct volume can do wonders. Given the best possible options to style, curls … Read more