Men’s Buzz Cut Types

Men’s Buzz Cut Types

What are the men’s buzz cut types? A buzz cut is any men’s short haircut made with the use of hair clippers. Originally, it was largely worn by soldiers, but it was made popular among nonmilitary men by streetwear aficionados who combined the buzz cut with colorful attire, transforming the simple buzzcut hairdo into an … Read more

What is a Front Taper Hairline?

Tapers are great fades that gradually reduce hair length, which we know you like to use in various hairstyles. This week, we’ll try something risky that can dramatically improve your appearance: hairline tapers. Short haircuts can achieve dramatic front or rear tapered hairlines, as well as sides and back. A razor is also recommended to … Read more

Mullet Haircuts For Men

mullets haircuts for men

The mullet was a staple of hairstyles, whether you were metal or country, yuppie or punk, jock or biker. This article will cover mullet haircuts for men. In many parts of Europe, mullet haircuts are popular, and there is an endless list of different types. What Is A Mullet Haircut One of the most recognizable … Read more

Safety Razor Or a Straight Razor: Which One is Better?

There are a few things that are a must-have for any man if he at least wants to look.. ummm.. Human? The most important one of them is a razor. But we are here to talk about straight razors vs safety razors. Well, we are not suggesting that a man should be shaving all the … Read more

Gather Information About Growing the Perfect Beard

Since the last decade, men have started to get into the beard culture quite religiously, not literally though but we do love a good beard on our faces these days but how long does it take for hair to grow a beard? If not for ourselves, the ladies too have started to be fairly attracted … Read more

Unlock the Secrets Behind Growing Out Your Hair

Since the days of old, men have been infatuated with the hair on their heads as to how long does it take for hair to grow back? From the Zeus’ long locks to modern-day humans, the obsession men have with their hair is unceasing. But let’s be honest, why not? It does make you look … Read more

What Hairstyles Suit Black Men?

Perhaps the most interesting topic to write about was hairstyles for black men for us. The reason is that there is a certain spirit of fashion and style to the hairstyles themselves. Each whispers tales of innate fashion sense and that is what we love about it. There are so many wonderful hairstyles that have … Read more

Long Locks for Men: How to Grow Out Hair

Are you searching about how to grow long hair for men? It seems cruel that it is a norm for women to have long hair, but men do not. Even though society has progressed significantly, most men do not even think about growing out their hair. Why? The reason could be that they have been … Read more

What Kind of Shampoo Should You Use for Hair Loss?

Every other shampoo claims to be the best hair loss shampoo in the market. The trick is to find the ones that are up to the standard. There are a few that are of good quality so let us track them down. Hair loss is a common problem for men. Every man out there knows … Read more

Guide to Trimming Hair Smartly at Home

Have you ever been taught how to trim your own hair? It is not a thing that many people learn. We feel it is an essential skill. The need for it is showing these days during the pandemic as many countries are observing a lock down. This means that non-essential businesses are not open which … Read more