Which Stage Of Getting Over A Breakup Are You On?

A romantic relationship is by far, one of the most treasured human connections that we ever make. This human connection is not influenced and driven through the need for survival (like the connection with your mother as an infant) but rather, it is solely motivated by the need and desire for intimate connections, thus, it … Read more

Codependency & Narcissism | Way Of Life

A relationship is a bond between two people. They can be fleeting, short – term or long lasting. Relationships at their core can be described as either good i.e. healthy or bad i.e. toxic and from these two types come out all the other thousands of varieties of relationships. For example: Love, friendship, hate, anger, … Read more

Ways To Show Respect To Your Partner | 4+ Tips

When it comes to any relationship, be it professional, academic, parental, with siblings, or a romantic one, the key factor to sustain a healthy and successful relationship, all boils down to Respect. Respect is defined as, “A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something, elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievement”. If a person truly has … Read more

Stop Being Needy Today With These Simple Steps

We have all been needy in one way or another, at one place or another. Be it when it came to wanting a bigger slice of the cake as a kid, more grades on a test as a teenager, etc. These are the times when we are willingly and consciously needy. However, the problem arises … Read more

Is Your Wife A Narcissist? | 3+ Ways To Tell

Narcissism Personality Disorder is a dangerous psychological condition. Here, the person has a boosted sense of self and lacks a disturbing amount of empathy. When it comes to a narcissist of any gender, the effects on a loved can be extremely dire and emotionally draining. So what can be effects on a husband who has … Read more

Narcissistic Men & Their Relationship Patterns

There are different kinds of people in the world with diverse personalities and behavior. We meet almost all kinds of them throughout our lives, as estimated. However, we are truly lucky if we land pleasant men when it comes to our relationships. Relationships are a tricky business even in themselves, add an emotionally draining partner … Read more

Narcissism & Conflict Avoidance | Road To A Better Life.

Relationships are a name of constant compromise, unconditional love, small sacrifices and a whole lot of understanding. Each person in a relationship tries their best to stick to the above mentioned elements which make up a pleasant relationship, and thus by extension, sticking to the basic rules of conflict avoidance. Conflicts come and go. They … Read more

Loving A Narcissist | The Ultimate Downfall & The Possible Handling

Lets start out with a simple enough fact: No relationship is easy; it includes a tremendous amount of understanding, compromise, patience and unconditional love. Despite how much we romanticise unconditional love, in reality just like relationships, that too isn’t at all simple or easy. Take the case of loving a narcissist. If you have ever … Read more