Mullet And Mustache

Mullet And Mustache

Have you ever given thought to combine a mullet with a mustache? If not, why not give it a try? This article will help you decide the best mullet with a mustache that best fits your face shape. Mullet has been a popular haircut for men since the 1990s. It is considered a “business in … Read more

Baseball Mullet Haircut

baseball mullet haircut

While the game has created many memories on the field for both teams and spectators, MLB players have also attempted to make new fashion trends by wearing and showing a variety of hairstyles that are regarded to be ageless these days. One particular haircut, the mullet, was so popular that it acquired the moniker “The … Read more

How To Make Your Mullet Grow Faster?

How To Make Your Mullet Grow Faster?

By far one of the most popular haircuts in the world is the mullet. Not only is it all business in the front and a party in the back, but if you lived in the 1980s, you most likely had one of these haircuts. With so many diverse hairstyles accessible now, it’s no surprise that … Read more

How To Make Your Mullet Fluffy?

How To Make Your Mullet Fluffy?

This blog will show you how to make your mullet fluffy in a few simple steps. Just when we thought last year couldn’t get any better, we get a new hair trend, and it’s the last one we’d ever expect: the mullet. Yes, you read it correctly: the legendary “business in front, party in back” … Read more

How To Avoid Your Mullet When Growing Your Hair Out?

How To Avoid Your Mullet When Growing Your Hair Out?

If you are wondering how to avoid your mullet when growing your hair out, we can help you with that. Just keep reading! When you grow your short hair out, you often end up with a mullet, right? A little too much grooming up front and a little too much wild curl in the back … Read more

Should I Grow A Mullet?

should I grow a mullet?

If you keep asking yourself, “should I grow a mullet?” you should probably consider a few things. Getting a mullet can be a significant milestone for many people. Some people may feel anxious about cutting their hair short, while others might be apprehensive about adopting the fashion trend. According to Dazed, mullets have a long … Read more

This is How You Can Make a Middle Part Mullet Stand Out

Middle Part Mullet

TikTok’s predilection for middle-parting over side-parting has not been subtle. While we won’t go so far as to claim the side part is completely dead (it is, after all, a classic style), we do understand Gen-preference Z’s for the face-framing middle-part fringe. And based on the current hair trends for 2022, we believe they may … Read more

How Cool is a Reverse Mullet?

reverse mullet

This article will teach you all you need to know about reverse mullet. We have a hunch that after reading this, you’ll be inspired to try this quirky and edgy haircut. The mullet hairstyle is still popular. This legendary blast from the past continues to develop with each decade (we’re baffled and fascinated, too), and … Read more

Ugly And Bad Mullets That You Should Avoid at all Costs

Ugly And Bad Mullets

“Clothes make the man,” as the old adage goes. While it’s difficult to dispute this notion, it’s also true that a man’s haircut plays a role. Typically, we merely discuss what kind of haircuts could complement your attractive characteristics. Today, however, we will explore the unsightly Mullet haircuts to avoid and how to make a … Read more

What is a Takuache Mullet? Here’s How You Can Style It

takuache mullets

You’ve probably seen the Takuache mullet, even if you’ve never heard of it. There is no other way to describe this obscene hairstyle. Direct, blunt head injuries are memorable and leave an impression. The Caesar-style haircut known as Edgar is very common in Mexico. Nevertheless, despite all of its benefits, memes frequently employ it. Read … Read more