What is a Takuache Mullet? Here’s How You Can Style It

You’ve probably seen the Takuache mullet, even if you’ve never heard of it. There is no other way to describe this obscene hairstyle. Direct, blunt head injuries are memorable and leave an impression. The Caesar-style haircut known as Edgar is very common in Mexico. Nevertheless, despite all of its benefits, memes frequently employ it. Read our how-to manual using the most recent concepts if you don’t want to end up being the main character.

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What Is A Takuache Mullet

This haircut is not your typical one. It is a way of life that is related to a subculture in Latin America. For men who identify with this subculture, the Takuache or Edgar is the go-to cut. This look is also known as a hood bowl and the Cuh haircut. The Takuache cut has become well-known all over the world, which is understandable given its origin. It is relatively easy to obtain and works with any hair type and texture. Additionally, everyone can find a style they like because there are so many different Takuaches haircut variations available.

Blunt Bangs Line Design

The majority of men’s hairstyles support various accents, including cuh haircuts. Are you unsure of how to make your blunt bangs pop more? Add a few more lines to improve them. This straightforward but effective sentence ensures that people will pay attention to you.

Trendy Takuache Cuh Haircut Ides

To support our claim, a list of the best Takuache haircuts is provided below. It is now your duty to carefully peruse our selection and decide which style most appeals to you.

Messy Waves

Takuache hair can be styled in a variety of ways by men with waves. However, if you want to give your appearance a carefree and relaxed vibe, wear your hair in a messy style. Simply tousle the top strands with your hand and spray on several coats of hairspray to achieve this look. A Takuache hat looks fantastic with this hairdo.

Takuache Mullet

To create a distinctive and cutting-edge hairstyle, you can always mix and match the El Cuh haircut with other popular haircuts. So a mullet is a great addition to a Takuache haircut because it gives Cuh hair a unique appearance. You can also experiment with some more difficult variations like a mullet Takuache undercut or a Mexican taper fade.

Caesar Takuache

An Edgar Takuache and a Caesar cut to make another excellent pairing that is consistently a good decision. You will need to go to your barber for maintenance quite frequently because it is suggested that you shave your hairline so closely. This shouldn’t be an issue though because the favorable attention you’ll get will make it all worthwhile.

Short Takuache

A Takuache haircut has the cool feature of not requiring particularly long hair to pull it off. You can look good in a Cuh haircut even if your mane is quite short. Simply maintain short sides and straight bangs to recreate the distinctive silhouette.

Takuache Haircut Fade

One of the most common ways to wear the look is with a cut fade. As the short sides gradually grow longer, the top becomes even more pronounced. There are also many different fades, such as the Tlakuache undercut fade and the Edgar Cuh taper fade. Therefore, there will be a style for everyone.

Bowl Takuache

It is not surprising that the bowl cut and the Takuache cuh haircut, which has blunt bangs across the top of the head, have many similarities. The best way to create an edgy hairstyle is to combine the two. A bowl Takuache haircut looks great because it keeps the attention on your face and has slightly tapered sides.

Short Bald Fade Takuache Haircut

When it comes to the Edgar haircut, which Takuache guys adore, there is no such thing as being too intense or daring. This means that if you decide to pair your Takuache haircut with a short bald fade, you shouldn’t worry that it will look garish. But the cut ends up being perfectly balanced.

Short Line-Up Takuache Haircut

Include a brief lineup to give your Tacuache cut more emphasis and definition. It makes the haircut easier to maintain and gives it a sharp appearance. So don’t hesitate to pair it with a neatly groomed beard that may also have a line-up.

Takuache For Curly Hair

All hair types can get tlacuache haircuts, as we’ve already mentioned. Additionally, it can be more difficult to achieve on hair types like straight or even wavy because it appears much more defined and textured on curly hair. Add a line-up along the hairline for a sharper appearance.

The Bottom Line  

With the aid of our guide, you can be certain to find the ideal Takuache haircut for your needs and preferences. The lengths, textures, and styles of the hair are clearly diverse. Now that you know where to look for ideas, you can change your current haircut whenever you want.


What’s the Takuache haircut called?

The Edgar cuh haircut is another name for the Tacuache style. You might have also seen references to the Cuh haircut or just a plain hood bowl.

What is a Takuache Cuh?

Takuache and Cuh are the two words that make up the phrase “Takuache Cuh.” A Takuache is a man wearing square-toed boots, bootcut jeans, and a fitted hat in the Mexican American community. He also enjoys accessorizing with gold chains to complete his ensemble. The place where you’ll most likely find him is baile dancing. The slang for cousin is cuh. But Takuache boys refer to their friends in that way.

Why are they called Takuache?

While “takuache” is the Spanish word for “opossum,” it is also the name given to contemporary cowboys. Taquache boys have a distinctive fashion sense that can be identified by their bootcut jeans, fitted hats, and gold chain jewelry.

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