Dealing With Office Work Place Stress

Every so often, we hear the phrase “Do something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, and well, that’s a myth in generalized terms. When we truly love doing something, we take it as a hobby, a time pass, a comfort zone and a de-stressing or relaxing technique. … Read more

How To: Deal With Stress

Stress is an intense psychological condition of feeling under strict pressure which can result from work or task overload. Despite the fact that its not a mental illness, it still is prone to be a contributing factor to many. Now-a-days, we can observe many people suffering from constant stress – including ourselves! Stress, unfortunately, has … Read more

Fun Stress Relieving Activities For Adults

Now-a-days stress is a common issue affecting anyone and everyone above the average ago of twelve. Due to the increase of the negativity in the world, the feelings of stress is increasing drastically. Negativity like, crippling poverty, billionaires getting richer and richer, the violence, the abuse, the fact that none can support themselves on just … Read more

Who Am I? | Discover Yourself

We think we know ourselves inside and out until the interviewer asks us “Tell me about yourself? Who are you?”, and that’s the moment where in a micro second, our brain analyses and realizes that it does not, in fact, know what it is. We go home and yet still, that seemingly simple question keeps … Read more

Take Responsibility For Your Actions | 4 Step Basic Guide

Be it stuffing a broken component back into the cupboard to make it seem like the next person’s problem and responsibility, to knowing when you did something wrong but lacking the courage to accept and apologize – we all have been there in one part of our lives or another, and here is why that … Read more

Self-Actualization Needs | Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Why do humans do what they do? What makes them get up in the morning and carry on their work, school, chores and life? What “ultimate goal” are we all walking towards? Don’t worry, this isn’t a religious article – its a psychological one! Many psychologists and theorists have come and went, along with their … Read more

Risky Business | Impulsive Decisions.

Risks, hazards, possibilities, chances, spontaneity, rashness etc., these are all the different words we use at many given times in our life in lieu of one word: Impulse. Psychologically speaking, our impulse is a short quick feeling based either on our instincts or due to the high rising emotions within us. It is that feeling … Read more

Compulsive Vs. Impulsive | A Personality Inventory

Life is made up of many variables, which affect our day to day happenings. One of those variables is our ever changing personality which transforms us into wholly unique individuals rather than boring and ordinary. It is the one part of our self that is forever maturing, evolving and bringing about new facets to its … Read more

Parenting & Conflict Resolution Activities

Parenting, in theory, is seen as the ultimate happiness by most. Its imagined that when you become a parent, suddenly everything will be happy, satisfactory and pleasant. Mothers in labor often time think that giving birth is where all the difficulties end, however, they continue. Not denying that children are a source of happiness and … Read more

Narcissism & Relationships | Making Good Choices

Now in 2018, despite that fact in some places, the term “narcissist” is still being used freely, most of the world has realized its actual meaning. Narcissism isn’t just a selfish and self-centered trait in a person. In reality, Narcissism Personality Disorder is a very real and often times a toxic psychological illness. Have you … Read more