How Cool is a Reverse Mullet?

This article will teach you all you need to know about reverse mullet. We have a hunch that after reading this, you’ll be inspired to try this quirky and edgy haircut.

The mullet hairstyle is still popular. This legendary blast from the past continues to develop with each decade (we’re baffled and fascinated, too), and in even crazier news, it’s making a strong comeback this year.

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What Exactly Is A Reverse Mullet Haircut?

The tellum, also known as a reverse mullet or a frullet, is a hairstyle that mimics the classic mullet. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A reverse mullet is the polar opposite of a mullet. That’s why it’s also known as “Tellum,” which is “mullet” spelled backward. Tellums are the polar opposite of mullets in that they are long in the rear and short in the front.

In a mullet, the hair is significantly longer on the back, but in a reverse mullet, the hair is longer on the front and top and shorter on the back. The long hair in front is generally on one side of the face. Your front hair falls to your chin. It can also be less than that. The hair in the back remains shorter. It is frequently spiked as well. It is also fairly unusual to entirely shave it off or cut it very short. One side will have long front hair, while the other side will have shorter hair. It can be medium in size, buzzed, or completely shaven.

Reverse Mullet Styles That Stand Out

When it comes to styling a reverse mullet, you will not be lacking in options. Simply use your imagination and attempt whatever seems good to you. However, we have selected a variety of styles for you, one of which may be the ideal fit for you.

Classic Reverse Mullet

You can keep it basic by going with the classic reverse mullet. Simply separate your hair on one side and let it fall to one side of your chin. For a more refined look, keep the hair in the back short and avoid spiking it up. This is a safe and stylish option for reverse mullets.

The Back Shaved

Let’s try something a little spicier now. Why not go for a bolder reverse mullet if you’re already going for one? Remove any hair from the back. This is a much more eye-catching appearance. The contrast with the rear will draw more attention to what you’re doing in front.

Side Shaved Reverse Mullet

Here’s another fun alternative. You can shave one side while leaving the other side long. Make sure the length is at least to your chin. This will generate a clearer contrast and bring the overall style much more alive.

The Long Reverse Mullet

Why should the chin be the limiting factor? Allow your hair to grow beyond that. We strongly suggest this if you have a long face shape. This will give your look an appealing aspect. However, we would advise against making the sides too short. This one will benefit from some side length.

Spiked Reverse Mullet

You should also maintain your back hair long for this one. It’s time to let your back hair shine with a reverse mullet. Simply use hair gel or pomade to spike it up. Remember not to cut your hair too short on one side. Maintain a reasonable length. And, yeah, this is a very Emo Rock-inspired style. Fans of this style should definitely give it a try.

Curly Reverse Mullet

Do not believe that the reverse mullet is reserved for people with straight hair. It works great with curly or wavy hair as well. If you find it tough to retain it until your chin, keep it until your earlobes for a neater look. We highly recommend this one for anyone with curly or wavy hair. By not attempting this style, you are missing out on a distinctively new appearance.

Bi-color Reverse Mullet

Is dyeing your full head of hair the same color too monotonous for you? Make a more mature and daring decision. Select two different colors for the front hair, as well as the top and back hair. Make a stark contrast and take your reverse mullet game to the next level.

Whatever style you pick, keep in mind that the style is mostly determined by the individual carrying it. So, whichever path you choose, go with all your heart.

How To Get A Reverse Mullet At Home

You’ll need some dexterity to give yourself this hairstyle. So, if you’ve never done it before and aren’t sure you can pull it off, we recommend going to a salon and having it done properly.

However, if you have previously given yourself haircuts and are comfortable with trimmers and scissors, you can simply do it at home. Simply follow this simple step-by-step procedure to save money while getting the hairdo you want.

Step 1:

You must first wash and dry your hair. Check that your hair has dried completely. If necessary, use a blow dryer. When your hair is damp, you should avoid cutting or shaping it. If your hair is overly frizzy, comb it. It will help in the detangling and straightening of your hair. This will make the subsequent stages much easier.

Step 2:

You must now determine how short you want your back hair to be. And you can use scissors to keep it at a normal length, or an electric trimmer to make it extremely short. You can use clips to keep the front hair out of the way.

Step 3:

Next, position yourself in front of a mirror so that you can see yourself well. You can begin cutting or trimming right now. Begin at the top and work your way down until you reach the end of the nape. Take your time and be consistent. Remember to apply for the proper protection while trimming your hair to maintain it at the correct length. It is quite OK to shave the back fully.

Step 4:

You might maintain one side of your hair long and short to create a contrast. If you want your front hair to fall to one side, do a side part using a comb. You can trim your front hair if you don’t want it to fall below your chin. You might also go for a fringe.

Step 5:

Finally, you can style your hair using a hair product. A mild hairspray can be used. And presto! You have successfully made a reverse mullet haircut.

The Ending Note 

There’s no harm in opting out of this haircut. You might not be in a position to have such an outlandish style. However, if you are capable of doing so, we recommend that you do so. By opting to go for it, you could just become an early member of a pretty fantastic group.

A reverse mullet is certain to turn attention, and people will take notice of your haircut. So, brace yourself for all the attention you’re going to receive, and wear your hairdo with confidence.

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