How To Avoid Your Mullet When Growing Your Hair Out?

If you are wondering how to avoid your mullet when growing your hair out, we can help you with that. Just keep reading!

When you grow your short hair out, you often end up with a mullet, right? A little too much grooming up front and a little too much wild curl in the back and you suddenly look like Joe Dirt.

Here’s a well-thought-out strategy to keep your short hair from growing out into a mullet:

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First Stage: 1–3 Months: Enjoy your short hair.

Enjoy your lovely short hair during this time. Your hair will have grown out between one and two and a half centimeters in two months, so there won’t be any issues. You will have transitioned from a very short to a medium-short style after this time. It will still fit wonderfully and be incredibly simple to style. Wax, gel, mousse, styling products, or just letting it air dry will let you control the styles.

Second Stage: 4-6 Months: Use styling products to manage the volume of your hair or go for keratin treatment.

Your short hair begins to rebel during this time since it is four to six cm longer. As a result, you’ll see that your hair starts to fill up and lose the shape of the sideburns and features. If you had bangs, they would begin to obstruct your vision. Moving them to the sides will cause them to transition from bangs to a short bob. Use style aids like light gels, creams, sprays, and anything else that helps to control volume at this time. At this point, you should also consider keratin treatment or hair botox.

Third Stage: 7-9 Months: Avoid the dreaded mullet with a short bob.

Depending on the nature of your hair at this time, the initial shape of the cut will totally disappear. You now have the mullet. Straight hair tends to gather volume, giving rise to a mullet. If you have curly or wavy hair, your curls will be unruly and have a lot of volumes. It will be slightly challenging to manage your curly hair. It’s time to pay your stylist another visit. To prevent a painful transition to long hair, you must make certain adjustments to your cut. You should also consider your hair type and conduct a study on visages to shape this new mane in a way that is more in line with the length of your hair.

A short haircut might be a nice place to start. The length in the back of your hair can be cut off, giving your hair a new, rounder form that will conceal the mullet. But remember that your hair will keep growing. You will still be in the danger zone because the sides and the top won’t yet have a noticeable length. You’ll need to use anti-frizz remedies. You might require a moderate straightening, most likely without formaldehyde, depending on the type of hair you have. To avoid a mullet with excessive volume, this treatment will help you control your hair without losing its natural structure.

Fourth Stage: 10-12 Months: You have successfully avoided the mullet.

You will no longer have a short haircut at this point. You can boldly stand up and bid the mullet farewell. With a gradient from the top and side hair growth, you’ll get a short bob. Speak with your stylist to combine the sides and nape into a single area. It will serve as a focal point for the whole contour.

Afterward, you won’t lose many inches of hair and you’ll finally say goodbye to the much-dreaded mullet. Any style aid will help to maintain the neatness of your hair’s natural flow while strengthening the cut and giving it more definition. There will be a 12- to 14-centimeter increase in the length of your hair. Flat iron or blow-dry your hair to offer it various effects and shapes.

Fifth Stage: After 14 Months: Get any long haircut you want.

You can now enjoy many hairstyles and trends, and your hair will keep growing as long as you want it to. Now that your hair is 15–17 centimeters long, you have more than enough length to experiment with new cuts without restriction. You might also find something truly spectacular. You now understand the mullet has a particular charm after avoiding it for months. You’ve managed to dodge the mullet as your hair has grown out.

The Ending Note 

Growing out your hair while trying to avoid a mullet is challenging, but possible. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not. Just bear a little patience, and you’ll be able to achieve your goal.

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