Should I Grow A Mullet?

If you keep asking yourself, “should I grow a mullet?” you should probably consider a few things.

Getting a mullet can be a significant milestone for many people. Some people may feel anxious about cutting their hair short, while others might be apprehensive about adopting the fashion trend.

According to Dazed, mullets have a long history that dates back to prehistoric people, Ancient Rome, and Native Americans, but in the 1970s and 1980s, artists were the group who wore them most frequently. By the 1990s, however, the haircut soon became a taboo as people started to associate mullets with being filthy and having a poor income.

Mullets often have a longer back, beginning at the ear, and a shorter front and sides to frame the face. Mullet is also referred to as the relative of the shag haircut because it also features a lot of texture and layers on the top and around the crown area.

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Do You Care About Fashion Trends?

A mullet is a bold haircut. Like all fashion trends, it also comes and goes. It’s in style one day and out of style the next. For instance, it isn’t as consistent and reliable as a traditional crew cut. So, before getting a mullet, consider if you would be able to hold your own if fashion trends changed and the mullet fell out of favor once more.

You don’t want to get a mullet hairstyle only to find it out of fashion sometime later, leaving you feeling regretful. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t worry about dressing in the latest fashion but genuinely like the mullet look and has given it some thought, you could be ready to make the change. The more carefully you think through your decision to have a mullet, the more likely you are to appreciate it and feel comfortable in your own skin. You should consider if you are getting a mullet because you truly want one or just following the latest trend because styles come and go.

Do You Have Patience?

It takes some time to grow a mullet. You will also go through an awkward in-between stage of growth where your hair is neither quite long enough for a mullet at the back nor quite long enough to appear as a part of a short haircut. You must resist the urge to shorten the growth at the back of your head during this uncomfortable stage if you want to get the mullet look. Prematurely cutting it off will only lengthen the time it takes to grow it out to your ideal mullet length. You’ll love the result if you can continue through the challenging growing stage.

Can You Wear It To Work?

Consider whether having a mullet will affect your career before deciding to grow one. Every company has different policies for how its employees present themselves externally while they are working. Even while your skills and attitude at work should come first, many employers still like their employees to dress or style their hair a certain way, especially if they work with the public.

Therefore, if you work in an especially rigid setting, like a corporate office, this style might not be right for you. The good news is that the contemporary mullet designs that have recently returned to fashion are more understated and less garish than the mullets of the 1980s. Because of this, the modern mullet may be appropriate for some workplaces that are less formal but still need you to seem tidy and professional if styled more conservatively.

Do You Mind The Extra Attention?

If you wear your hair this way, you might attract more attention. More people than usual will likely compliment your hair, which you’ll probably notice. Even the more understated contemporary mullets may make a statement since, despite its resurgence in popularity, it is still rather an uncommon haircut. Not everyone enjoys this kind of attention, so you might want to think about changing your haircut if you believe it would be a problem for you. The mullet can help you express your uniqueness, and you may enjoy the extra attention it attracts and the resulting confidence boost.

Does The Mullet Suit Your Face Shape?

Consider whether the mullet will suit your particular face shape if you’re serious about having one. The good thing is that there is a mullet style for nearly every type of face shape, so you should be able to find one that suits you. All you have to do is choose your mullet style according to the tips for your particular face shape.

A mullet with a thicker fringe and more layers suit an oval-shaped face, whereas square-shaped faces should consider getting a mullet with a short fringe. And mullets that are longer, even past the shoulder, look fantastic on faces with a heart shape.

Have You Talked To Your Stylist?

Before you waste any time trying to maintain a style that doesn’t suit you in the first place, get professional assistance. Before you decide to get your haircut, many salons will allow you to meet with a stylist for a consultation. You can always change your mind after speaking with your stylist because this consultation doesn’t commit you to get the haircut. You can seek professional guidance on various mullet styles that might work for you and your particular hair type this way. Bring some pictures with you to your appointment so the stylist will have a clear understanding of the kind of look you want.

Can You Maintain The Hairstyle?

A mullet is a combination of two haircuts—a shorter cut in the front and a longer cut in the rear, which means that you will probably spend longer than usual taking care of your hair. When you have long hair, it is usually easier to tell if it has been cleaned and taken care of, therefore if you have a mullet, you will need to take the time to wash, condition, and brush your long hair to keep it looking tidy. Also, when it comes to styling, shorter cuts do require a little more care.

So, before you decide to get a mullet, think about if you are willing to put in the extra styling effort in the mornings.

The Ending Note

The mullet haircut is regaining popularity in a subtle yet stylish way. Everyone can find a mullet style that suits them because of its adaptability. This guide should help you decide whether you should get a mullet or not.

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