Mullet And Mustache

Have you ever given thought to combine a mullet with a mustache? If not, why not give it a try? This article will help you decide the best mullet with a mustache that best fits your face shape.

Mullet has been a popular haircut for men since the 1990s. It is considered a “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle. It gives you a sleek appearance and works well with straight, thick, wavy, and curly hair!

Men have also been sporting mustaches throughout history and they are still fashionable today. Mustaches never go out of style, according to many people, whether you like it or not.

While men in the 80s and 90s loved the idea of combining a mullet with a mustache, it seems that the trend of mullets and mustaches is back and it is taking the world by storm. And men have a solid reason to wear this dynamic duo. Someone who can pull off a decent mullet and mustache adds a certain degree of electricity anywhere they go.

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Choosing The Right Mullet And Mustache For Your Face Shape

Do you what your face shape is? No need to worry if you don’t. Our guide includes various shapes to make the process of finding the most suitable mullet and mustache for your face shape easier for you.

Oval Face

For an oval face shape, wear a mullet with lots of fringes and a crop that ends at your chin. A heavily layered appearance that emphasizes the jawline will be the right move.

As for the mustache, a chevron mustache looks particularly well on men with an oval face shape. Chevron mustache is a large, thick mustache with the ends pointed down toward the corners of the mouth. With the hairs ending at the top of the lip, the base of the Chevron is beautifully maintained.

Round Face

A disheveled texture and wispy bangs would look great on a round face shape. You don’t want your face to appear too round though.

The finest mustache style that will flatter your face shape if you have a round face, which implies you have wide cheekbones and a broad jawline, is a horseshoe. Avoid anything that has bushy hair around the lips and opt for a style that is a little more angled in the direction of your mouth. In this manner, the mustache style will draw attention to your best facial features.

Triangle Face

Highlight the features of the triangle-shaped face, with a half-up, half-down mullet. As high or low as you like, gather the tendrils from your head’s crown and bind them.

Triangular face shapes have a thinner jawline, you should choose a mustache style that does not draw attention to your chin. Instead, choose a look that accentuates your cheekbones, such as a full or 5 o’clock shadow beard with a natural mustache, since it will complement the structure of your face.

Square Face

Perhaps becoming a little daring and getting a short fringe and lengthy layers would serve men with a square face shape well. It’s a modern take on the traditional mullet and is guaranteed to up your game by a notch.

As for the mustache, choose a thick mustache to accentuate the size of the face. Fuller mustaches, like a chevron, would be great to avoid making your square face look bigger. Smaller mustaches tend to disappear above the top lip. You might experiment with angular finishes to emphasize your characteristics or something softer to hide them.

Oblong Face

Combine a mullet with a skin fade. Skin fade mullets are edgy and disobedient, all about sharp angles and an unending attitude. As you’ll need natural volume to make the hair stand up, thick hair is necessary to achieve the almost geometric elements of this style. The cut is lean and aggressive and incredibly fashionable when combined with a streetwear vibe.

The finest mustache style for an oblong face shape is a traditional handlebar since it puts the focus on the mustache, which is in the middle of your face. This mustache stands out more than most because of its precisely curved ends.

Diamond Face

If you don’t want to conceal the sharp features of your diamond-shaped face, get a short mullet. Your hair should be cut consistently or scruffy till it reaches your ears, with the top of your head being much shorter than the rear. Allow the longer locks to reach the middle of the neck after that. To define the face, use a French crop, fade, or faux hawk on the sides.

A subtle and basic mustache, such as a pencil mustache with stubble looks fantastic on a diamond face shape. This modest mustache style doesn’t draw much attention to the jawline.

The Ending Note 

While a mullet is a versatile hairdo that looks good on any face type, finding the right mustache for your face is tricky. Now that you know which mullet and mustache duo looks best on your face, go ahead and choose the look that defines you.

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