Is Your Wife A Narcissist? | 3+ Ways To Tell

Narcissism Personality Disorder is a dangerous psychological condition. Here, the person has a boosted sense of self and lacks a disturbing amount of empathy. When it comes to a narcissist of any gender, the effects on a loved can be extremely dire and emotionally draining. So what can be effects on a husband who has a narcissistic wife?

First lets look at some facts: There exist many and different kinds of people with varying personalities in the world. It is estimated that you are likely to meet almost every kind of person in your lifetime. If that’s the case, then we are likely to land very different sorts of people as our dating partners in our lives – even narcissists.

A thing about female narcissists is that they are considered more dangerous than their male counterparts solely because they are much harder to detect. It is said that 75% of the narcissists in the world are males, however, that is just due to the fact that a female narcissist is often mistaken for an immature person; their obsession, envy, lack of empathy, self-centered-ness, bullying, is seen as a typical, mean, teenage girl behavior.

Female narcissists, unlike popular belief, do not grow out of their aggressive and dangerous behavior. In fact, they evolve into being much more aggressive and dangerous, using their manipulation tactics to serve their self-centered wishes and plans.

So, we got something straight: female narcissists are hard to detect. The question arises, how to detect one accurately? What are the signs to look for? What are the tell-tale clues? If you are suspecting your wife to be a narcissist, here is your guide to basic identification!

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Identify If Your Wife Is A Narcissist!

Female narcissists can mentally drain and damage a person’s mental health much like their male counterparts. Here is how to identify them!

Sign #1: You Can Tell That They Feel A Sadistic Sort Of Pleasure On Someone Else’s Pain

Narcissists lack empathy. Period. One of the most obvious (and biased) traits of a female narcissist is their observable joy at someone else’s pain. They are known to work to bring another person down, embarrass and bully them, all the while feeding off of the sick pleasure they receive off it.

This trait is one of the most confusing because it facilitates to the typical “mean girl” stereotype quite efficiently. Most people will brush this behavior off as the woman being immature, and that she will “eventually grow up”.

The fact to notice and observe here is the intensity of the bullying is increasing. Self growth is a concept we are all familiar with- we have all been people not worth mentioning but with time, we have grown. Even if after countless aims and tries to make the person understand they refuse, then consider the thought that your wife may be a narcissist.

Sign #2: Pathological Envy, Extreme Need For Attention Along With A Extreme Competitive Behavior:

Christine Louis de Canonville, a psychotherapist says that “When it comes to envy, there is no one more envious than a narcissist woman.”

Here is a sad truth: No one brings women down quite like other women. However, no women can compete in this “game” better than a narcissistic woman. Narcissistic women are the most abusive, dangerous and manipulative when it comes to other women who pose as a potential threat to them.

A narcissist women is quick to scan a crowd and pick out who is a wolf and who is a sheep, among her peers. While she does not cater much to the sheep, she is quick to place her potential threats on a pedestal.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” can said to be the tactic used here by narcissistic women. They keep their competition close and as soon as they learn how to strike down the opponent, they accomplish their goals. Yes, a horror movie.

Sign #3: Obsession With Looks, Appearance And Materialism

We are well aware that narcissists are actually quite vulnerable, weak and inferior in their cores. A human’s self is divided into two main parts: their real self and their desired self. Their real self is who they really are, while their desired self is who they wish to be; they goal, their ambitions, etc. A person’s primary motivation results from wanting to bring their real self as close to their desired self, as the closer they are, the higher is their self esteem. So where do narcissists fall here? Narcissists have a boosted sense of self, a perceived superiority over others. While of course they have a real and a desired self, they actually portray themselves to be their desired self rather than being their real self.

Due to the fact that they are only portraying and haven’t really achieved the mental state of self satisfaction and high self esteem, they take the use of materialistic and superficial things. If you have a narcissistic wife then you will find her obsessing and fretting to the point of extreme over her looks and appearance. The appearance matters quite a lot to a narcissistic woman as it is a tool to establish “superiority”.

Other Signs

Here are some more signs, tips and tricks on detecting if your wife is a narcissist. These gender-neutral signs include:

  1. The sign that the conversations only revolve around them.
  2. They are observed breaking rules, and then getting angry if another breaks the same rules.
  3. Them never owning up to their mistakes.
  4. With their obvious perception of being perfect, them getting aggresively offended if blamed.
  5. Conditional love or nothing.
  6. Threatening and manipulating you.

What Is Your Next Move?

So maybe, through this article (and further research), you have found that your wife is a narcissist. What should be your next step? Leave her or try working on the relationship? Check out this guide here, to understand the handling of a narcissistic romantic partner.

Warning: One or two signs does not mean that the person is necessarily a narcissist!

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