Are You Dating A Nacassictic? Here are 8 Red-Flags!

We reach adulthood and start pursuing a dating life, we meet people, get to know them, swipe away some and give the rest a chance. However, more than often, after we are well into a relationship do we truly start to see their true personality. Many problems, issues and misunderstandings come to pass, however, one of the worst cases is when there is narcissism in relationships.

Nevertheless, what if we told you that there exist some signs on how to detect a narcissistic person early on in the relationship, if one knows what to look for, because even when a person is not talking with their lips, they are always chatting with their fingertips. When it comes to behavior or personality, an individual can only try so much to hide it, and despite that, it will display itself in all in colors one way or another. You can also check this video chat with strangers site on which many people find their date once had a good chat. Here is your personal guidebook (guide-article) on how to efficiently spot a narcissistic early on in the relationship:

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Signs To Keep An (Objective) Eye Out For

Sign #1: They Always Dominate The Conversation:

During the start of our relationships, we have a wide array of topics from which we can choose and talk with our partner on, and since its the start, we wish to get to know the person from A to Z and vice versa. Keeping this in mind, try to keep a good eye out for the number one sign which is the domination of the conversation. If a person isn’t “full of themselves” then they would like to know their partner better too. It’s a normal behavior to keep the conversation flowing in a way where both parties can invest in.

If you notice your new partner only talking about themselves and not listening to you, then its quite possible that they are a narcissistic since narcissistic people are the Sun of their own world and thus wish to only talk about themselves.

Sign #2: They Obsess Over Their External Image:

According to Psychology, a person who is narcissistic will replace their real image with their idealized image, and thus, they will constantly try to live up to the image they have taken. Since its impossible to succeed to your idealized image overnight, the person will try to surround themselves with materialistic things, or objects which will make them look superior to others externally.

If you notice your partner excessively obsessing over their body, clothes, materials, etc, then that is your warning sign that the person might be narcissistic.

Sign #3: They Believe Rules Are Beneath Them:

A narcissistic person perceives themselves above everyone else. According to them they are the center of the universe and each and every individual should start revolving around them, praising in the process. Thus, when it comes to rules, since they believe they are above everyone else, they refuse to follow the rules.

If you find your partner breaking lines, unfairly taking something of another’s , disregarding the rights of others around them, and then getting mad if another does the same exact thing, then its very likely that your partner is a narcissistic.

Sign #4: They Act Entitled:

A narcissistic person, according to them, is a main character in each individual’s story. Sometimes, they consider the individual itself as a background character and pull all the spotlight towards them. Their sense of superiority is so great that they believe that they are entitled to everything.

If your partner constantly acts like their need is greater than your own and will continue to disregard your own needs then know that you are with a narcissistic. Relationships are a two way process: you give and you take. However, what narcissistic people do is that they keep on taking but never really give back and act like they are entitled to what you give.

Signs To Raise Your Red-Flags On

Above were some of the small signs which are a major contributing factor to a narcissistic personality. However, listed below are the signs which are very much emotionally abusive in nature and if you can find these signs in your partner, then raise the red-flags in your mind immediately.

Sign #1: Their Moods Towards You Change Swiftly:

As we discussed before, narcissistic people believe that they are entitled to everything and that they are special. In order to meet their needs they go to different lengths, like changing their attitude and mood towards you, making you feel special and wanted, display a warm behavior, till they get what they want. However, the second after they have received what they were after, they will go back to their initial mood, and will most likely make you think it was you.

Sign #2: They Make You Feel Guilty:

If you have noticed your partner using some sensitive topics against you, or making you guilty, then know that you have a narcissistic. If your partner constantly makes you feel guilty when you stand up for yourself or fail to do a very minute task, then know that its a warning sign.

Other ways to make you feel guilty are perhaps constantly reminding you that you wouldn’t be anywhere without them (even if its untrue) or projecting their own errors onto you.

Sign #3: They Are Manipulative:

A narcissistic’s goal is to make themselves feel better. They hide in a facade of materialistic things and will constantly fish for ways to make themselves feel superior. A narcissistic is a dangerously manipulative person. In order to get what they want, they are very much likely to manipulate you into giving it to them.

Sign #4: They Threaten You:

The last and the most dangerous sign of a narcissistic is if they threaten you. If you come across your partner threatening to leave you, spill out your secrets, spreading rumors all over the place about you, then know that you have entered a danger zone.

Remember, narcissistic’s main goal is to feel better about themselves through praise, appreciation, clothes, objects, etc. In order to satisfy their need they are likely to go as far as they can – even to the point of threatening you!

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