Should a Haircut Take You Long?

We are faced with the question, how long does a haircut take? One would think that with the amount of hair present on an average male’s head, it would not take long. But even with man, some barbers take too long. Is there a specific time that it should take? No matter how complicated the haircut, … Read more

Bring Out the Best Wave Anyone Has Ever Seen

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Full Guide to Cutting Hair at Home

All our men, do you know how to cut hair at home? It is 2020 and we are all stuck in quarantine. Most countries in the world are on lockdown. Businesses are closed and these include barbershops too. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is a crisis! Every man who cares … Read more

Soccer Player Haircuts That Are An Instant Hit!

Soccer players are making rounds in the international news. However, it is not always about sporting reasons. Soccer player haircuts are famous among the masses. There are numerous soccer players that are considered fashion icons. Their sponsorship deals with leading fashion brands is a prime example of their importance in men’s fashion industry. Cristiano Ronaldo, … Read more