What is a Mullet Hawk?

Mullet Hawk or the mohawk mullet is a traditional hairstyle from the country era that caused quite a stir in the punk music movement of the 1980s and returned with an athletic twist in the 1990s. You cannot deny the iconic nature of the look, whether you like it or not.

Even though there are countless options for this spectacular blend of a haircut, it can be challenging to pick one for yourself.

So, here’s a list of the coolest hawk mullet haircut options. Check out the list to choose something that suits your style.

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How Can You Style A Mohawk On A Mullet?

You get to be all sorts of creative with your hair. You can keep the middle and back long while keeping the sides short. To make it resemble punk rock, you can let it grow out. Then you can use braids, beads, curls, or any other styling method to create the Mohawk mullet of your choice.

Mullet Mohawk Hairstyles

Dreaded Mullets

The combination of a mullet and the dreaded mohawk screams punk. The top is extremely long and dreaded, drawing all the attention due to the faded sides that expose the skin. You can add a beard to make your appearance look rough.

Wavy Quiff

Men who want a low-key mohawk can try this mullet style, which has a longer top and back with a low fade down the sides. For a gentle finish, comb over the wavy stands to create a quiff at the front.

Back Braid

The coolest mohawk mullet haircut to wear this season is without a doubt this one. Grow the straight hair out to shoulder length, then V-shave the sides. Maintain the longest hair in the back and braid it with layers at the top.

Mohawk Pomp Faded Sides

This is the perfect outfit for you if you want to make your mohawk mullet a little more sleek! Clean fades at the sides of the mohawk will look fantastic in contrast to a shiny, polished, and voluminous pomp at the front.

This well-groomed appearance would work best with a mullet that is nape length. The pomp will look great on its own, but if you want to add even more badass flair, add shaved designs to the fades! If you want to flaunt your punk rock passion, choose this style!

Long Braided Mohawk

It is the right hairstyle for you if you are trying to avoid the daily styling process. Try this simple haircut with sides that are shaved somewhat near to the skin and a basic mohawk that is let to grow as much as it can. You only need a little braid at the top to complete your awesome warrior style.

Side Design

Ask the hairstylist to buzz the sides and shave a design of your choice on them for a more intricate appearance. Compared to the back resting on the shoulders, the top is shorter. The secret to getting this messy look on the head is to use textured layers everywhere.


This appearance is appropriate for guys with thick manes. The fluffy center contrasts with the clipped sides. The length of the strands is consistent from the front to the rear, and they are styled for a dapper look in a sophisticated pompadour.

Low Fade Mohawk

This is a modern twist on the Mohawk mullet. You keep the sides low, while the rear and midsection are left lengthy. Along with his pack, the model also sports a lengthy mullet that is loose. You can style your hair as you see fit or accessorize it as you choose.

Edgy Mullet Mohawk

The layers create an edgy appearance that may be ruffled nonetheless. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle. Messier the better. It’s a laid-back hairstyle for your next punk rock event.

Spiky Mohawk

All eyes would be on you with this punk rock taper fade and Mohawk mullet because of the way your hair is styled. Using mousse and hair styling products, the top is made into spikes, while the back is combed down. The spiky mohawk will appear smooth due to the layers.

Wavy Mexican Mullet

It is a Mohawk mullet with clipped sides and wavy hair. By adding mousse and combing it into the desired form or curl, you can create waves; alternatively, you can blow out the hair and style it as needed. If you want to intensify the punk rock vibe, add twists with beads at the end.

Mohawk with Undercut

To conceal the eyes, the top piece drapes along the face. Make sure to apply mousse or any other style product to keep the hair in place. Cut angles along the low sides.

Liberty Spikes

Mohawk mullet hairstyle screams punk rock. Its color and spikes distinguish it from other mullets. Any color you choose, including pink, blue, and brown, is acceptable for hair coloring. When styling your hair into spikes, particularly if it is long, you should use mousse.

Pompadour Undercut

It is the shorter version of the mullet. A pompadour is swept into the upper section. To hold the hair in place until the end of the day, use hair mousse and gel. The hair spray will make your hair shine. To increase the punk vibe of the whole hairstyle, you can add designs to the shaved sides.

Mohawk with Angular Fringe

It is another punk rock hairstyle with very short shaved sides almost to baldness. You can keep the back and midsection longer. The mullet ends are lopsidedly chopped. The front has a fringe cut into it. Layers that run along the forehead shorten the fringe.

Mohawk Mullet in Afro

Connect your hairline to the sides of your afro with a faded haircut. Give your afro a short mullet-like extension towards the rear. Clip the sides of your curls, so they will seem tidy and well-groomed. A neatly designed temple will be the icing on the cake. Your typical afro will add some jazz to this incredibly cool hairstyle, giving you a cool look.

The Ending Note 

The Mullet hawk is simultaneously historical and futuristic. So many characters in Sci-Fi movies sport a mohawk mullet because this haircut has been around since the beginning of time. So, go for this classic haircut that is deemed stylish by men of all ages and times. mullet hawk works great for you.

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