Can You Pull Off a Jeff Wittek Mullet?

jeff wittek mullets

Everybody just loves the hair artist Jeff Wittek. He’s stunning in his way making the best hairstyles possible. In this article, we will gather some stunning Jeff Wittek Mullet hairstyles. Jeff Wittek’s hair was designed for experimentation and to support extravagant hairstyles. His hazel-colored hair has the ideal balance of softness and solidity to make … Read more

Mexican Mullets – Are They Really Worth the Hype?

mexican mullets

Mexican mullets have significantly resurfaced in the scene of chic and sassy hairstyles as a result of the revival of old fashion. You can wear Mexican mullet hairstyles in a variety of ways. They can be spiked, buzzed, have bangs in the front, be cut at a right angle, or even be worn in a … Read more

Burst Fade Mullet – Standout in a Crowd

Burst Fade Mullet

After years of mullet hairstyles coming in and out of fashion, the iconic Burst Fade Mullet hairstyles have brought them back into the modern era.  For styling tips and instructions created especially for this unusual hairstyle, browse our article. The Most Innovative Burst Fade Mullet Hairstyles Discover the innovative burst fade mullet hairstyle ideas. Fancy … Read more

Pull Off a Joe Dirt Mullet Haircut

Joe Dirt Mullet

In 2001, the adventure comedy Joe Dirt was released. The main character is a janitor named Joe Dirt, looking for his parents after losing them in the Grand Canyon when he was only 8 years old. Even though he finally cannot find them, he finds solace in the new acquaintances he meets along the journey. … Read more

Types Of Fade Haircuts For Men

Types Types of fade haircuts for men

Fade haircuts for men have become increasingly popular among the masses. It is a modern hairstyle that looks sleek and stylish. Moreover, there are different types of fades you can choose from. The fade cut can help to transform your entire look. There are numerous types of fades such as high, low, medium etc. out … Read more

Dreadlock Styles for Men

Dreadlock Styles for Men

Dreadlocks leave an everlasting impact no matter who wears them. People simply love the look and feel of dreadlocks. Before delving deeper into various dreadlock styles for men, let us explore the history, origin, different methods to make dreadlocks, and how to take care of them. What are Dreadlocks? Dreadlocks are made by sculpting the … Read more

Lightning Bolt Haircut

lightning bolt haircut

Your hairstyle affects your overall look. A chic haircut redefines your personality and helps you to make a solid fashion statement. Though trendy haircuts reclaim the hairstyling market now and then, very few manage to become timeless – the lightning bolt haircut is definitely one of them. A lightning bolt haircut is an excellent way … Read more

Men’s Buzz Cut Types

Men’s Buzz Cut Types

What are the men’s buzz cut types? A buzz cut is any men’s short haircut made with the use of hair clippers. Originally, it was largely worn by soldiers, but it was made popular among nonmilitary men by streetwear aficionados who combined the buzz cut with colorful attire, transforming the simple buzzcut hairdo into an … Read more

What is a Front Taper Hairline?

Tapers are great fades that gradually reduce hair length, which we know you like to use in various hairstyles. This week, we’ll try something risky that can dramatically improve your appearance: hairline tapers. Short haircuts can achieve dramatic front or rear tapered hairlines, as well as sides and back. A razor is also recommended to … Read more

Mullet Haircuts For Men

mullets haircuts for men

The mullet was a staple of hairstyles, whether you were metal or country, yuppie or punk, jock or biker. This article will cover mullet haircuts for men. In many parts of Europe, mullet haircuts are popular, and there is an endless list of different types. What Is A Mullet Haircut One of the most recognizable … Read more