What is a Front Taper Hairline?

Tapers are great fades that gradually reduce hair length, which we know you like to use in various hairstyles. This week, we’ll try something risky that can dramatically improve your appearance: hairline tapers. Short haircuts can achieve dramatic front or rear tapered hairlines, as well as sides and back. A razor is also recommended to remove excess hair and further define your lines. In this article, we’ll explore the front taper hairline.

We have some incredible examples to back this up. Read the entire article and tell us which suggestions you’d like to try.

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What Is A Front Taper Haircut

When a person’s frontal hairline gradually transitions from long to short, they get a tapered hairline. Remember that a taper might show up in two places: sideburns and the neckline. The front taper is linked to the front transition of the hairline. Depending on the individual’s preferences, a taper can be more or less aggressive, ranging from a few millimeters to centimeters. A proper taper will also blend into your skin, preserving your natural hairline.

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I get a front taper”? Your answer is that a tapered cut may suit you if your hair is wavy, straight, or natural. Trimming your hair near the hairline, regardless of your hair structure, will lead it to become reasonably short. 

How To Get A Front Taper

If you wanna know how to do a front taper, read this. The benefit of tapered haircuts is that you won’t have to spend hours polishing your appearance in front of the mirror. Your tapered hair part, whether on the side, back, or all around your head, will not need to be styled; however, the rest of your long hair may, depending on the final desired style or texture. However, you must have a consistent wash day regimen.

When Should You Avoid Having Your Hair Tapered?

A tapered haircut may not be for you if you despise clippers or going to the barbershop because you’ll need to go to the barbershop every few weeks to keep your trimmed hair in shape. A tapered cut is distinguished by its length. The fading will become less evident as your hair becomes longer. To keep your tapered cut looking fresh, touch it up every three to four weeks.

22 New Tapered Hairline Styles For Men

Layered Neckline Haircut

While your long top hair is on one side, the back and sides are layered thanks to a gently tapered fade. Remove excess hair from the neckline using a razor.

Tapered Back + Comb Over

Keep your top hair long and your undercut tapered. Shave any surplus neck hair using a razor and style your crown longer locks backward. The finished outcome will make you seem incredible.  

Front Taper Hairline

Use a taper cut to frame your face and the sides and back. If you prefer, you can cut the hairline at home. When sectioning your hair, be cautious.

The no.2 back and sides

Ask the barber to trim the region around your ears and the back of your neck. Finish with a matte hair product that is low-shine and not overpowering, such as men’s hair mousse, clay, putty, or a non-shine pomade.

Front Taper Hairline Curly Hair

Tapering the sides and back of your hair will result in a beautiful, gradually trimmed hairstyle that will accentuate your magnificent curly top. Allow your coils to bounce by using hair gel to define the ringlets.

Front Taper Afro

Use a cutting machine and one of the shortest clippers to obtain a well-defined hairline. To get such perfectly straight lines, use a razor. For the sides and back, go with a taper. This will offer additional value to the top curls.

Tapered Hard Part

The most challenging aspect of this cut is the severe lopsidedness of complex part styles, with one side long and the other shaved super-short along a ruler-sharp line, hinting it’s not one for those extra minutes in bed. Request a skin taper while maintaining the hairline from the ear back to the neck distinctively. Apply gel or pomade to keep it in place.

Double Tapered Hairline

If you’re self-conscious about your lack of perfection, see a barber about getting a double-tapered hairline. If you’re confident with your skills, use a trimmer and a razor to define the short area and separate the longer strands from the shorter hair, making a line. Use styling gel to keep the curls in place.

Tapered Neckline

Taper your natural nape hair until it is sleek and well-formed, then remove any extra hair. Taper your sides and wear your longer top hair as you choose.

Tapered Top Knot

We’re still undecided about the man bun; without the proper cheekbones, it appears more samurai warrior than an amateur magician. However, by tapering it to your neckline, you can make it more wearable. Instead of a sharp fade, the extra length on the sides balances your face and keeps it from being too top-heavy. You can also cut back on your barbershop appointments.

1940s Hairline Taper

By cutting all the extra hair from the hairline, you can create a stunning contour that will make any man appear sleek and sharp. A hairstyle with a tapered undercut and a longer top swept to one side is inspiring. 

The tapered pompadour

If you like to be the lead singer rather than the drummer, a taper haircut is an excellent way to transition into volume-heavy styles like the pompadour. Request a skin taper, blended to the lengthier length on the back and sides, which contribute to this haircut’s rounded form. To finish, use pomade. And a lot of it. However, avoid wearing a shirt with a Cuban collar. Because combining the two is unneeded.

1950s Neckline Taper

Your neckline will be defined by a long tapering trim and precisely razored edges. Finish with a medium beard, and top locks are thrown to one side.

Low Tapered Neckline

Make an edgy, stunning neckline that highlights the tapering fade. To keep your top hair in place, comb it backward and add styling gel.

Tapered Skin Fade

It is entirely subjective where a taper finishes and a fade begins. You may produce a taper-fade cut that combines the best of both worlds by blurring the lines. To get your taper down to the bone, have your barber use foils or a cut-throat razor to clip the hair around the ears and neck. This will help to keep your fade looking sharp for a little longer if the complete fade appears too much.

Tapered Hairline On Dreads

Combining a tapered hairline with dreadlocks is a fantastic idea. Using this technique, you will shape your face while your updo emphasizes the hairstyle.

Front Taper Braids

Draw a line to separate the frontline taper from the rest of the haircut. To improve framing and definition, use a razor. Exfoliate six cornrow braid pieces and knit a twist on each.

Mid-Length Scissor Cut With A Taper

A scissor cut with no taper would appear soft and natural around the neckline, with hair falling carelessly over the ears. There’s nothing wrong with that, but many guys prefer longer lengths on the back and sides while keeping the sharp, clean look of clipper work around the ears and back of the neck. Tapering the hair at grade three or four is an acceptable compromise in this scenario.

Long Hair Neck Taper

This is a trendy haircut for men over 50 with gray hair and a receding hairline. Divide your hair into two sections: crown, sides, and nape. For the second piece, get a tapered cut and pin the other top in a ponytail.

Neck Taper Hair With Designs

To achieve a short front taper haircut, use a taper fade, a razor to define the nape hairline and a spectacular pattern in the back.

Taper Fade + Receding Hairline

Many men experience receding hairlines, but there are several things you can do to combat it. Draw and design the desired line with a razor. A temple fade will help your beard stand out from the rest of your hair.

High Taper With A Textured Quiff

Begin your taper higher on your head for a smoother gradient, which makes top-heavy styles like a quiff feel less disconnected. It’s more versatile since it’s longer up; if you don’t want the height, you can reconstruct it as a parting. After you’re done, spray your hair with sea salt spray to add volume without making it rigid, allowing you to re-zhuzh whenever you want.

Final Thoughts 

Who would have thought that front taper headline would become a thing, but here we are, and we’re all madly in love with it! It’s so fashionable right now that any man who wants to look fashionable asks his barber to style him any type of taper with an edgy term. What can we say? Males are equally as creative as women when it comes to hair styling.

We hope you found this article about “front taper hairline” helpful.


How do you taper a front?

Use a taper cut to frame your face and the sides and back. You can cut the hairline at home if you prefer. Be cautious when sectioning your hair.

Why do people taper their hairline?

When the hairline in the back is left natural, the neckline blends well with your hairstyle (tapered in). As a result, when your hair begins to grow, it grows fast and steadily. This extends the life of your haircut and improves its appearance as it grows.

How do you taper your dreads in the front?

Separate the frontline taper from the remainder of the haircut using a line. Use a razor to increase framing and definition. Six cornrow braid parts should be exfoliated and knitted with a twist.

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