Can You Pull Off a Jeff Wittek Mullet?

Everybody just loves the hair artist Jeff Wittek. He’s stunning in his way making the best hairstyles possible. In this article, we will gather some stunning Jeff Wittek Mullet hairstyles.

Jeff Wittek’s hair was designed for experimentation and to support extravagant hairstyles. His hazel-colored hair has the ideal balance of softness and solidity to make any hairdo appear carefree.

He also has amazing genetics, so he seldom ever uses any form of hair product. While Jeff typically utilizes water to change the look of his existing hairstyle, on occasion he will use hair matte clay to add volume and give the style a better hold.

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7 Jeff Wittek Mullet Hairstyles to Try for Stunning Looks

Create the best look while trying the following mullet hairstyles. 

Messy Mullet with Framing Locs and Taper Fade

If you want your hair to frame your face, a messy mullet with framing locs is a great option for casual settings. The volume and framing locs will undoubtedly have a flattening impact on the face.

When sporting this look, be sure to wear chinos and a loose-fitting shirt because they go well with the untidy mullet’s laid-back attitude. Applying hair clay will complete the style and give it a more natural aspect.

Quiff with a Medium Length Side Part

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that would highlight your best face features, you might want to consider this.

The wearer’s cheekbones and jawline will stand out more than normal thanks to the side-part combover’s thick volume, which will also give them a sleek appearance. The side part can be fashioned when the hair is moist or with the use of a blow dryer.

To increase volume and provide the illusion of health, you might use a detangling brush.

Careless curtain shape undercut

You should surely take into account the aesthetics of this style if your aesthetic is influenced by 1990s-era fashion trends. For people with busy schedules, it offers a care routine that requires little upkeep and a relaxed appearance.

Additionally, if you want to add your spin to this hairdo, highlight it with a colorful color scheme. You can choose from vibrant hues like baby pink and platinum blonde or a two-toned look like jet black with blonde highlights.

Elephant Trunk Mullet

Due to how perfectly chaotic it was at the time, the elephant trunk was popular in the 1980s. The mullet adds a more contemporary touch to this hairdo. It has volume, definition, and a very natural appearance. The final appearance can also be given a sufficient quantity of shine by applying a water-based pomade.

High taper fade with a matte side-part

You can easily imitate this look if you’re sick of growing out of your hair and want a style that will help you battle the heat. The high taper fade makes it possible for one’s distinctive facial features to stand out more, which can have a slimming impact on the face. Additionally, it gives the hair a tonne of density and provides the overall appearance with a high degree of neatness.

High Blended Fade With A Classic Comb Over

When he first started on YouTube, Jeff Wittek had the traditional comb over. The top is somewhat longer than 6 inches, and the fade is shaved with a 7-guard clipper. For people who naturally go toward polished hairstyles, the comb-over is a fantastic alternative because it never moves. The look can be created using hair clay for texture and finished with hair spray for a secure hold for the best results.

Eboy Mullet 

Similar to the characteristics of a curtain haircut, this mullet has a similar rear appearance but a different front appearance. It has a subdued m-shape on top, which is a nice look if you’re getting dressed up for a formal event or a family gathering.

Create the style while your hair is still slightly moist for the greatest effects. For increasing density, you can either use a water-based hair paste, or you can use hair clay to give it elasticity.

Final Thoughts 

We sincerely hope you appreciate reading about Jeff Wittek’s mullets. Which hairstyle is your favorite? Are you planning to attempt any of the looks on the list? Let us know in the comments below. We are curious to know.

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