Awesome Afro Hairstyles for Men


If you have African hair, finding cuts and looks that are perfect can be a bit tricky at times. Afro hair is usually either curly, kinky, or coily. Or a combination of all three of them. The afro hairstyles for men are very diverse, compared to what people assume it to be. Having the right … Read more

Army Haircut


Military haircuts are not considered as one of those trendy and stylish, since it is an army haircut. But if the style is right, it can make a huge difference. In the past, army haircut was only used by the soldiers, but it has been very popular in the last few years. Styles such as … Read more

Benefits of Fenugreek for Hair


Fenugreek has multiple benefits, you probably do not even know about. Fenugreek for hair does wonders beyond a person’s imagination. Especially if you are suffering from hair loss due to hair fall. If you are reading this, you probably already know about most of the benefits of fenugreek for hair. Benefits of Fenugreek Name whatever … Read more

Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyles for Men with Class


Slicked back undercut hairstyle men is known to be the most honorable haircuts when it comes to influential hairstyles for gentleman. Marking a turning point for most men, putting aside the traditional haircuts from the past. Nevertheless, this classical cut is popular even to date. <TOC> Slicked Back Undercut- Original Look! Considering the original look, … Read more

Trendy Undercut Styles to Rock Your Look


Coming to hairstyles that are trendy, undercut styles are no doubt the best, or on of the best precisely.It works fine for all hair types, for instance curly, straight or wavy, giving a versatile and youthful appearance. Another good thing about undercut styles is that they can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. … Read more

What is a Tapered Fade Haircut, It’s Types & Examples


When you first hear about a tapered fade haircut, you will probably not be able to point and acknowledge how it is different vs other types of fade haircuts. You’re not alone, my friend. Chances are, that you will not be able to tell why a tapered fade is different from an undercut hairstyle. Or … Read more

Difference Between Fade & Taper Haircuts with Examples


Have you ever heard men gossip about fade and taper haircuts? Do you know what the main difference between fade and taper, or are you confused about it? Changing your looks becomes a lot easier when you know what you are searching for. Fade and Taper haircuts are considered to be the most popular choices … Read more

Fade Haircuts for Men: Ultimate Guide


A fade haircut is one of the most stylish and elegant ways to give details to hairstyles in men. Classically, this technique is going on for years, effectively tapering men’s hair. Moreover, as fade haircuts for men became tremendously popular with time, a vast selection of fade haircuts came through. Luckily, this ultimate guide will … Read more