The Number 8 Haircut: Length, Guide and Look Book

Last and the least, the number 8 haircut length! How is this different from number 7? What makes it the last number from all the haircuts? Is it for you or should you pass? If you don’t know much about the number 8 haircut length, then we would suggest you read through the information and decide for yourself if this is what you want.

Going to the barber with nothing in mind can be frustrating especially when all the barber wants from you is clear cut direction of how you would like to style your hair.

When you are confused and unable to answer, it can get a little tricky to be happy with what you receive. But at the end of the day, if you knew exactly what clipper size and style you wanted, you won’t have to go through any hassle at all! So skip the drama and dive into the details of the number 8 haircut length:

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Knowing What A Number 8 Haircut Length Is

The largest of all clipper sizes is the number 8 haircut length! This size leaves about an inch of hair on your scalp with the freedom to do whatever you like with it! This is the longest hair length you can have with a clipper size. Anything more than this will require the use of scissors for precision cutting! If you get a full head of number 8 haircut length, you might end up sporting a little messy haircut especially as it grows out in a few weeks. Tapered and faded on the sides will make it look classic!

Types of Face Cuts A Number 8 Haircut Length Suits

One word: All! It depends on how you carry and style this haircut more than how your face cut is. Make sure to use gel when heading out to set hair in one place. You can pull off spikes & scissors very well in this length too!

Celebrities Who Rock The Number 8 Haircut Length – Inspiration Look Book

Famous (and not so famous) people who have rocked this haircut length are here for your inspiration! Go ahead and get cutting!

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