The Stylish Men’s Capsule Wardrobe List

Have you been following the trend of men’s capsule wardrobe taking the front seat lately? It is the chatter on the internet these days and we want to make sure that you are on top of what’s going on in the world of fashion with the help of Humanize Mag.

Men’s capsule wardrobe is a concept based on the fact that ‘less is more’. It is a unique way of styling your wardrobe in a way where you are not bombarded by the amount of clothes you have. Rather, you learn to live your way around what you already have while also doing a major cleanse of your clothes. From knowing how to dress well men to minimizing your expenses on clothing, men’s capsule wardrobe is the way to go! Thanks to whoever created the concept, thousands around the world are adapting new ways of living off less clothes but looking more in-vogue than ever before! So what is the buzz about, let’s jump right in! You can follow Tadam black stock to know about fashion & style.

What is a Men’s Capsule Wardrobe?

A men’s capsule wardrobe is a new way of designing and reorganizing your wardrobe to make the most of what you have and build on the simplistic yet chic side of fashion. In its true essence, men’s capsule wardrobe is, ‘Owning not more than 30-35 pieces of clothing (including havaianas shoes and excluding innerwear, active wear etc.) which can be mixed and matched on a regular basis to give a new look to the same clothes each time you pick something to wear’.

The cornerstone of a good men’s capsule wardrobe is making sure all your clothes complement everything else in your wardrobe so you have a variety of combinations to make and adorn.

Antonio Centano, the brain behind Real Men, Real Style goes so far to claim that, if you are smart and organized, a men’s capsule wardrobe needs no more than 14 pieces of clothing. To top that, he also claims that 14 pieces of clothing, done right, can give you a combination of more than 120 different outfits! This is a phenomenon that he calls, ‘Interchangeable Wardrobe’. A concept which can be very well applied to living a life out of a capsule.

So, we know that a men’s capsule wardrobe is built on:

  1. Less number of clothing pieces
  2. Most number of combinations

If you are wondering you need to spend a fortune to get this right, then you’re missing out on the entire point. Since, a men’s capsule wardrobe can last you for an entire season, you don’t need to buy designer clothes each season to set up your wardrobe. Spend humbly since you’ll be trashing it all out in a few months. This way also helps you in stepping out of the fast fashion bandwagon.

What Should a Men’s Capsule Wardrobe Have?

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking of a men’s capsule wardrobe is, ‘What Do I Buy?’. Of course, the start can be overwhelming but after your first spell, you won’t spend an extra second figuring out your next men’s capsule wardrobe.

Before you step in, see where you are in life. Are you in college? Do you go to an office every day? Do you work in a uniform all day long? The answer to these questions will determine the kind and amount of clothes you need.

Here is a sample capsule wardrobe list for a business/office going man who has a well-balanced personal and professional life:

  1. Navy or grey two-piece suit (1)
  2. Black or white blazer, checkered, striped or plain (1)
  3. Grey wool trousers (1 pair)
  4. Denim Jeans (2 pair)
  5. Tan chinos (1 pair)
  6. White dress shirt (2)
  7. Solid color button up shirt (2)
  8. T-shirt in solid color (2)
  9. Sweater in solid color (1)
  10. Leather dress shoes (1 pair)
  11. Pair of casual sandals or flip flops (1 pair)
  12. Classic white sneakers (1 pair)
  13. Necktie (2)
  14. Leather belt (1)

Important Tip: Create a neutral, solid color tone for your men’s capsule wardrobe so you don’t have to worry about matching much! These few items should get you started to create your own men’s capsule wardrobe. Here are some color palettes and tones you could use. 

Ending thoughts: Ever wondered or been inspired by Steve Jobs, Barack Obama or Mark Zuckerberg? They all wear simplistic, lean wardrobes which waste no time in decision making yet look elegant & graceful. Them being purveyors of less is more is a lesson for all!

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