Can You Tell Khakis and Chinos Apart?

You will learn the difference between chinos and khakis in this piece. We have given out information on both of them when we were talking about business casual attire. Today, we aim to delve much deeper. New York Times has listed khakis as one of the grownup pants. To most men, they might seem similar or even the same. But they are quite different, and we are here to see why.

During shopping, you might have held up a khaki and chino. Did you ask yourself if you need both? Maybe you can just go with one since they look the same? My fellow men, they are as different as the sun and moon. What makes each one so unique? Let us find out!

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Difference Between Chinos and Khakis

Khakis and chinos are different based on the material and the construction. The pants are of different species and must be taken as such. We have simplified the differences for you. Get suggestion about which of them to choose according to the event on arturoherrera .

  • Khakis: Khaki pants are made from a heavyweight cotton fabric. The seams of the stitching are hidden in the pant. They are viewed as more casual. Khakis are considered to be sturdy pants.
  • Chinos: Chino pants are made from a light and breathable cotton fabric. They have a certain stretchiness to them. Many men prefer them due to the comfort they offer. Due to the look, they are considered to be more formal. It is always considered dressy to wear chinos anywhere.

How to Choose Between the Two?

If you are looking to stock your work wardrobe, then you are in the right place. Jeans or shorts are not proper office wear. Khaki and chinos can both be used for the purpose. Learn to notice the difference between khakis and chinos down below.

  • Color: If you like to have a bigger color range then chinos should be your choice. They come in more colors than khaki. There was a time that they only used to come in cream color. But now, there are different colored chinos. You can choose the color according to the season.
  • Pronounced Pockets: Are you a fan of big visible pockets? If so, khakis should be in your wardrobe. Chinos have hidden pockets. On the other hand, khakis go all out with the pockets. The pockets are pronounced and very out there.
  • Body Type: If you have a slimmer body, go for chinos. The flat front of the chinos is perfect for slim bodies. Pleated fronts of khakis are traditional. They are perfect for people who are a bit heavy in the middle. The pleat distributes the weight and gives an illusion of balance to the body.
  • Cuffs: Most men think that khakis always have cuffs and chinos do not. The fact is that sometimes even khakis do not have cuffs. Even manufacturers of clothes are misinformed on the matter. It is why you will find some khakis without cuffs.

Difference Between Chinos and Khakis

We assume that now you will have no trouble differentiating the two. It is true that both hold some similarities. Both khakis and chinos are made of cotton twill. It is true that they are very similar in color. The range of color starts from light pale cream to dark tan. But that is where the difference ends. In theory, chinos are made for formal occasions.

If you are required to wear business casual, always opt for chinos. They are more streamlined to the figure of a man. They even look dressy as per the appearance. On the other hand, khakis are considered to be blocky. It is not only the material but the look of them. They look like they should be worn hunting, at a beer party, etc. If you are heading out anywhere casual, khakis are the way to go.

Style Khakis & Chinos

As we mentioned above, both are perfect to wear to work. Just top them off with a dress shirt and a blazer. You would be a vision to behold for everyone. You would be sporting the perfect office wear. No dress policy can find anything wrong with this combo. We love a look where a man can pull off work look but in a casual manner. We vote for chinos to wear to office or parties as they are timeless.

Difference Between Chinos and Khakis- Khaki Chinos

You might have heard the term “khaki chinos”. Are they chinos in the style of khakis? Are they a combination of both? Not quite so. Khaki is an Urdu word that refers to the tan color. When someone says khaki chinos, they mean tan chinos. It is a common confusion for men all around. The chinos are often identified by their dust color and called “khaki”. But you should remember that it is not a separate style of trousers. Even though the word itself is Urdu, it has caught on in the fashion industry. You would often see chinos labeled as “khaki” referring to their color.


You do not need to consider our word gospel. Often people wear both types of pants interchangeably. But if you are a stickler for rules and theories then follow what we have stated above. Truth be told, khakis came first in fashion. They are older and should be treated with respect. Many men prefer them for the room they offer. The pleat of khakis is something pleasing to the eyes. The craftsmanship involved in constructing the pant is remarkable.

On the other hand, chinos hold all the allure too. They are sleek and smart to look at. When you wear chinos, you will feel confident. The proper fit of the pants will make you aware of your curves. It will remind you to stand tall and be confident. We approve both styles of pants. If you know how to carry yourself then it will make all the difference. It is smarter to stock your wardrobe with both pants. This way, you will have something to wear for any kind of occasion.

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