Full Guide to Cutting Hair at Home

All our men, do you know how to cut hair at home? It is 2020 and we are all stuck in quarantine. Most countries in the world are on lockdown. Businesses are closed and these include barbershops too. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is a crisis! Every man who cares about grooming is crying right now. We are all wondering what to do about our hair. It is growing out all wonky and we men are getting insecure now. For a lot of dudes, security comes from their hair. But right now, it is in crisis, and help seems to be found nowhere.

Somebody chimed from the street that we can cut our hair. But have you seen Huff Post’s story about disastrous quarantine haircuts? No self-respecting man would want to have a story made out of his disastrous haircut. But then we see Forbes advocating cutting hair on your own. We thought to ourselves, should we go for it? Is there any harm in experimenting? We decided to do it and help our readers do the same! If you are worried about messing up big time, remember that you are in lockdown. There is a quarantine going on which means that nobody will see your failure. This is the best time to bring out the barber in you!

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How to Cut Hair at Home

The first part of the business is to decide whether you need it. We know that there is quite a trend going on of cutting hair at home. It might make you excited enough to try it out. But ask yourself if you need it? Is your hair starting to look ugly? Or can it survive a few more weeks? If there is no need then do not push this challenge on yourself.

If you are in a country where barbers have started operating, then go to the salon. Do not take a risk if you are a first time. However, we understand that people are still avoiding salons as a precaution. We are all about staying safe and staying at home. If you are in contact with anyone who has cut men’s hair before then ask them for help. Hopefully, they are willing to help, then you are in safer hands. But if you have no one then the responsibility lies on you. You need to mentally prepare yourself for the task at hand.

How to Cut Hair at Home- Do All the Preps

You need to start doing the preparations for the job. First off, decide what kind of haircut do you want. Do you want a full haircut or just trim? After deciding on the haircut, search up everything about it.

We would advise you to not go for a difficult one if you are a first-timer. However, if you have some barber experience then maybe you can try a complicated haircut.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

Let us get to cutting your hair!

Wash Your Hair with Shampoo

The first thing that you need to do is wash it. It will be clean and snarl free which will make cutting easier.

Towel Dry Your Hair

Now towel dries your hair. Do not be too aggressive as it can damage the hair. Dry it as gently as possible.

Comb Your Hair

The next thing to do is run a comb through your hair. If you find any tangles, detangle it thoroughly.

Set Up the Place

Find a spot to do your work near a mirror. Make sure that you have cleaning supplies at hand. It would be advisable to lay down a cloth or old newspaper on the surface to collect the hair. Make sure that the socket is nearby.

Section Your Hair

Even for the most basic haircuts, you need to section your hair. The top should be divided into two sides. The back of the head should be considered one separate side.

Clipper Time

Put your machine on the clipper setting and start on one side. It is necessary to conquer one side before you move on to the rest. Leave the top of the hair and only work on the sides. Make them as short as you want. Make sure that both sides are equal in length.

Move on to the back of your head. The top part should have hair that is longer. The bottom part should have hair as long as the sides.

Tackle the Top of Your Head

The top of the head needs to be paid the most attention. It is the most visible part but also where you can make big mistakes. Put your clipper in a shorter setting and carefully start cutting. Start small first to get the hang of it. If you do not like clippers, then use barber scissors. Use your fingers as the comb and measure your hair and cut around 6 mm only. Divide the top into sections and cut each very carefully. If you get the hang of it, go above 6 mm but with care.

How to Cut Hair at Home- Cleanup

Congratulations! You just gave yourself a haircut! If you see that there are some tiny mistakes, then fix them using styling scissors. Now that the cutting of hair is over, it is time to clean up. Simply fold the newspaper or cloth carefully and shake it out in the trash.

Fresh Look and Feel

You should pat yourself on the back for becoming an amateur barber. This was a basic haircut, but you can do more the next time. If you got the hang of the basics, go for an advanced haircut the next time. The key is to watch as many tutorials as possible. Read as many tips and tricks as you can. Make sure that you remember the whole process in your head. Always start slowly. Never attack huge chunks of your hair. Cut short and in sections to be more precise. Style as you want after you are done with the major steps.

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