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Every black man that we know is looking for the best wave grease in the market. If you want waves, you cannot do them without the grease. The only way to get waves is by using grease. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, then you must be flabbergasted. The texture of black men’s hair gives them the luxury to create waves in their hair. It is the texture like no other and every man who does not have it envy it. We have even got Forbes talking about creating and maintaining waves.

If you have not seen these 360 waves on any gentleman before then you are late to the party. Become aware by gives this article by the New York Times a read. One thing that everyone agrees on is that this hairstyle is timeless. It can be worn on any occasion by any man no matter the age. This hairstyle makes men look devilishly handsome and style. It is a bit short cropped but suits men all the same. Once you et waves, you will not want to go back to any other style.

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Best Wave Grease

One cannot hope to achieve waves without the right cream for it. Do you think those waves are natural? No! They are a work of art and owes a lot to the grease used on the hair. One of the essential steps in creating 360 waves is using the right moisturizer. The cream is also called pomade or wave cream. You cannot hope to get waves without this cream. The fastest and cleanest method of getting waves is using a pomade. Hence, we will be reviewing some of the best wave creams in the market. Based on the reviews, you would be able to decide which one suits you.

Wave Creams

What are some of the pomades available nowadays? What are they made of? How much do they cost? How popular are they? We will be giving you answers to all these questions and more down below. We have picked out our favorite 3 wave creams that are trending in the market this year. All of them can be ordered from Amazon.

Murray’s Wave Pomade

The pomade is oil-based and is used for all hair types. It costs only $5.48. It is not only versatile but is considered to be thick. When applied, it provides long-lasting shine to the hair. This is a famous pomade amongst barbers or hairdressers. It comes up in best wave creams’ lists. The creaem just needs to be applied once a day. It lasts the entire day and achieves the waves fast. It is best at moisturizing and softening up the hair. The recommended usage is a small amount hence the whole of it would last long. Finally, this pomade smells amazing.

Wave Builder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter

The moisturizing components in this butter are amino acids, shea butter, proteins, and cocoa butter. It tackles the dry hair and softens them up for waves. The cream is made in a formula that does not make your hair greasy at all. But that does not mean that it will not keep your waves in shape all day long. This butter can be applied directly to dry hair or wet hair. This useful little butter costs around $6.19 on Amazon.

Cantu Shea Butter Cream Pomade

What is the secret behind this hair styling product? The ingredients are shea butter, hemp oil, and coconut oil. It is considered to be 100% natural. You can get this product is $4.97. This means that there are no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils. This is perfect for men who have sensitive skin. The pomade is so light that you can wash it out with just water. This will leave a lovely lingering smell of shea butter. Men who do not want any harsh chemicals in their hair should choose this. It will never dry out your scalp or damage your hair.

Best Wave Grease- How to Choose the Best Product

  • We would recommend that you talk to your barber or hairdresser and ask them for suggestions. They are professionals hence they will recommend only the best wave creams.
  • The products listed above are some of the best in the market. But apart from these, you want to choose something that lasts long.
  • Try to go for all-natural products. This means that there should be no added chemicals in them. If you use chemicals for long, it is not healthy for your scalp.
  • One great tip is to avoid pomades that use petroleum jelly. These are the creams that will make your hair look greasy. It will be hard to get them out of the hair because of the jelly. They will up your usage and cost of shampoo and conditioner. You might even become harsh to your hair trying to get them out completely.
  • Another thing to look for is how long the moisturizer will maintain the waves. If you have to apply it more than once a day, then avoid that product. Choose a product that will work on your waves all day. You should not need to apply it twice a day.
  • The key to best wave cream is shea butter or essential oils. These ingredients are guaranteed to moisturize your hair and maintain your waves. Not only that, but they will also heal your damaged hair and nourish it. Moreover, using such a product will feel amazing. It will be so light that you would barely feel that you have applied the cream on your head.

Best Wave Grease

If you want 360 waves on your head, then the best option is wave grease. Natural methods might work but not for long. With wave grease, the waves are guaranteed to last all day long. Another factor is that they work great as moisturizers. Shampoos and conditioners contain parabens or sulfate which dry the natural hair oil. With wave grease, you can maintain those oil and extra moisturize your hair. Just make sure that you choose the right product and you will be golden.

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