Should a Haircut Take You Long?

We are faced with the question, how long does a haircut take? One would think that with the amount of hair present on an average male’s head, it would not take long. But even with man, some barbers take too long. Is there a specific time that it should take? No matter how complicated the haircut, it should not take long. Time is really money in the world of barbers. The sooner they are done with one client, they can go to the next. Then why is it that some spend so long?

How long do you think this haircut recommended by Huff Post would take? We have heard some crazy stories where the barber took an hour! It seems outrageous! If the man’s hair is not long, an hour is too much. Women’s haircut tends to take longer due to length and style. A man’s haircut is pretty simple in comparison. It should take way less to get a decent haircut. However, you cannot forever avoid a haircut just because it might take longer. It is time for you to get a fresh look. A haircut can easily brighten up things for you!

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Time-Dependent on Factors

The time it takes to cut a man’s hair depends on several factors. You will need to add up all those factors to get an estimation of the time. Some of the factors might be hard to define in time. But you can get an estimate on them.

The factors are:

  • The experience of the hairdresser
  • The length of hair the hairdresser is used to cutting
  • The tools that are being used to cut the hair
  • The kind of haircut the man wants
  • The length of the hair that needs to be chopped off

How Long Does a Haircut Take- Professional or Self-Administered?

One main thing that will make a difference in time is the person cutting the hair. The experience and professionality will decide the time the person spends on a man’s head. Barbers that are experienced will not take much time. Hairstylists that are amateur might take more time to perfect the cut. However, if you are cutting the hair on your own then it is a different story. The first question is if you have ever done it before? If not then it will marginally increase the time duration.

A first-timer can take around 30 minutes for a basic haircut. It is not the haircut that takes time but the lack of experience. A person cutting hair for the first time will be scared hence consume more time. It will be slow going for him. If you are a first-timer then we would say that go slow and steady. It will at least ensure that you get the right results. Do not rush through the haircut or you might make a huge mistake. You will get more info at pruittvillefarms .

How Long Does a Haircut Take- Equipment?

The next thing that decides the duration of the haircut is the equipment used. The most commonly used tools to cut hair is an electronic trimmer or barber scissors. A professional barber might use one or both tools. Every barber is different. The selection of tools depends upon their technique and preference. Some clients only like scissors and others like trimmers, they can inform the barber beforehand.

Since barbers are professionals, they will have no problem with either of the tools. But if you are administering the cut on your own then that is a different matter. After talking to a few men, we discovered that everyone prefers a different tool. Many men find it a piece of cake to cut their hair with trimmers. But for many, scissors work better. Which one should you choose? Generally, scissors are harder for a novice. You can try holding them in your hair and make a few cuts in the air. You will feel a cramp immediately.

How Long Does a Haircut Take- Electronic Trimmer?

After a lot of research, we would recommend our readers to go for an electric trimmer. If you want a fast and easy haircut then they are your best friend. Most men have some experience with trimmers because of their beards. A haircut should not be something too new for them. If you have used a trimmer before then you might be able to cut your hair faster. In fact, you can use the same trimmer for your head hair that you use for your beard. You would not need to buy anything new. Just make sure that you have one that can be adjusted at different lengths. A haircut with a trimmer should not take you more than 20 minutes.

Take Your Time

Even though a haircut with a trimmer is faster, you should not rush through it. If you want the haircut to look good, then take your time with it. Make sure that you are completely prepared and know what kind of haircut you want. Watch as many tutorials as you can. Begin the process slowly but steadily. Do not make haste or you might end up with a choppy haircut. Even if you go super slow, the haircut should take you around 25 to 30 minutes at the most.

End Word

We always recommend going to a professional for hair. Hair is an important part of a man and should not be messed around with. But if there is a lock down in your country then you have no choice. You will have to cut your own hair. It can be a daunting task, but you just need to be smart about it. If you choose the right tools and an easy cut, you can do it. If you have a busy day, then you can certainly take time out of it. A man’s hair cut does not take more than 20 minutes. Even if you go slowly, it will not take up all day. We wish you the best of luck for this endeavor and hope you are triumphant!

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