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Is there such a debate as suspenders vs belt? You might have seen people boast about their suspenders. Like Sergeant Terry Jeffords does in the famous show called Brooklyn-99. Many people claim that suspenders are better than belts and are adamant about it. We will break the debate for you so that you know which to wear. We will talk about them individually and then compare them against one and another. I think korucaredoula can guide you more about this.

Forbes has compiled quite a list of suspenders that you can give a look. In 2020, there are many new suspenders and belts in the market so browse at your leisure! Let us go in detail and give you a step by step.

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Suspenders VS Belt: What are they?

First, let us talk about suspenders. Suspenders are made of fabric or leather. They start from the front of the trousers and go all the way over the shoulders to the back of the trousers. They are often called braces too. The straps have elastic running all the way through. Some of them only have elastic at the end to give it room to stretch. The shape of suspenders at the back is a Y or an X.

Belts are is mostly flexible and are a strap or band. It is worn around the waist. Belts are generally made of leather or other heavy cloth material. The total circumference of the belt is lesser than that of the hips. People often use belts to push in their bulging tummies. Whilst it might seem like a good idea, it can create problems for your circulation.

Both suspenders and belts are used to hold up the pants. They both do it at the waist. The only difference is that the belt clinches the waist. Whilst suspenders hold up the pants.

Suspenders VS Belt: Occasions to Wear Each

  • Suspenders: Previously, suspends were only worn as undergarments. No one would dare think of wearing them in plain sight. But now, suspenders are often reserved for formal occasions only. It is because of the material that they are made of. The fancier the occasion, the fancier the suspenders. Suspenders can be worn at any time too if you just know how to pull them off. If you want to make them informal, wear them with a pant with belt loops.
  • Belt: Belt is one of the most common accessories to be found in a man’s dresser. You probably own more than 2 belts as of now. They can be worn anywhere and at any time. They are perfect for office wear, parties, formal events, casual dates or hangouts, and all other events.

Suspenders VS Belt: What are the Differences?

  • Material: There is a slight difference in the material of both. Belts are generally constructed to be sturdier and use a stronger foundation. Whilst suspenders, even the leather ones, more malleable and flexible.
  • Occasion: We have already covered this point above. A simple rule of thumb is that belts can be worn on any occasion. On the other hand, suspenders are generally reserved for special events.
  • Variety: Generally, belts do not come in a lot of types. Suspenders have more range and variety. You can mix and match your outfits with the suspenders. Belts have some range, but it can be limited for some men. In suspenders you will find different colors, patterns and designs, sizes, and more.

Are Suspenders Better Than Belts?

Any man who has tried out suspenders would tell you that they are better. There are many reasons behind this claim, and all are convincing. Suspenders are more comfortable than belts. Belts tend to constrict breathing and can be suffocating at the tummy. All the work of suspenders is done by their design. The weight of the pants is supported by the suspenders over the shoulders. Due to the placement of suspenders, your posture would automatically be perfect. Wearing suspenders promotes healthy posture by putting light pressure on your shoulders.

When you wear belts, your shirt gets crumpled up at the waist. It can be quite unflattering if you are somewhere formal. With suspenders, you will have no such problem. You can even untuck your shirt at the end of the night. The wrinkles on it would be minimal as compared to what you would have had with a belt.

Suspenders can make you look thinner. The vertical nature of them creates the perfect illusion. They can make you look upright and slim. If you choose the right pattern, they can really make some magic happen.

Suspenders are a unique accessory and are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Many men do not go for suspenders because of fear. This means that if you wear them, people are sure to notice. With the right pair of suspenders, you can dominate a room.

Our Verdict

After careful evaluation and consideration, we would vote suspenders to be better. It is too that belts are more versatile and can be used and worn anywhere. But suspenders exude elegance and style like no belt could. If you choose suspenders that match your outfit and personality just right, you would be an icon of fashion. When you are out suspender shopping, remember to get them in the right fit. A poorly fit suspender would be a disaster.

For all your special occasions, go for leather suspenders and a golden yoke. Such a classy combination would make you feel and look fabulous. For casual occasions, you can tone it down in color and material. For parties, you can choose suspenders that have different patterns on them. Speak your personality with just the design of your suspenders at a date.

No matter if you choose a belt or suspenders, you should now possess comprehensive knowledge of both. They are easy to distinguish from each other, and both are useful. We always recommend keeping a couple of pairs of both of them in your wardrobe. You can choose which to wear according to your mood and where you are going.

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