The Number 6 Haircut: Length, Guide and Look Book

As you progress through different haircuts in men, the number 6 haircut length becomes fairly long and high maintenance, especially when compared to shorter lengths. However, this haircut length brings with it a lot of class, elegance and maturity.

Instead of feeling confused about what you want, you can simply opt for the number 6 haircut length and let your hair do the talking! After all, who doesn’t like a good (hair) head over their shoulders?

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Knowing What A Number 6 Haircut Length Is

The number 6 haircut length leaves about 6/8th length of your hair making your head seem fuller, voluminous and trendy too! This is because number 6 haircut length gives you a lot of room to style and adapt according to your personality. Unlike shorter clipper sizes, with number 6 haircut length, you can play around with the kind of hairstyle you like and choose what suits you best!

This haircut comes close to a crew cut which can be tapered on the sides to look chic. Faded in or out on the sides, the number 6 haircut length can be optimized to the kind of look you want to carry.

Types of Face Cuts A Number 6 Haircut Length Suits

There are no hard and fast rules about which haircut length suits who but there is always room to find the best suiting haircut lengths that can work to accentuate someone’s personality. The number 6 haircut length looks great on balanced face shapes which are neither too round nor too lean.

Since you are free to style them, you can also work to contour your face cut by styling your number 6 haircut length according to your need.

Celebrities Who Rock The Number 6 Haircut Length – Inspiration Look Book

Not sure how would a number 6 haircut length suit on you? Feeling a little anxious to see if you can carry it well? Worry no more! Have a look at some of people who have sported this look with much grace and honor! Take some inspiration and follow the lead! You won’t be disappointed!

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