Suspenders With Vest: How To Ace The Look!

Brace yourselves to think out of the box and wonder how to wear suspenders with vest? While we have made it clear in our guide on how to wear suspenders that they are not to be worn with belts at all, as it is a huge fashion disaster that no one can recover from, fashionistas around the world have begun exploring the possibilities of suspenders with vest? While it may seem like a little obnoxious at the beginning but when you put some thought into it, you may just find that it is not that bad of an idea after all.

Sometimes breaking the rules which are written in stone is a good idea and we highly recommend some stirring up in the world of fashion from time to time. After all, there is only so much you can do around a three piece suit or a tee shirt and a pair of pants! To bring things up a notch, to set a different trend and to break a fashion barrier – you need to innovate your approach on how you perceive the traditional notions of a typical trend. You can follow oceannenvironment to check about latest fashion trends.

This is where the style of suspenders with vest comes to play. With all the directions and play around styling suspenders, which are bringing braces back from the 70’s with a bang, a little tweak here and there only adds to the variety of styling and utilizing a single product.

So how do you ace the look the suspenders with vest? Here are some suggestions to stir your creative noodles:

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Suspenders With Vest – Ideas To Make A Statement

Keep It Casual

suspenders with vest
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If you are thinking formal, then we would suggest you take a step back and read up on wearing suspenders for men instead of going a little off the charts in making a statement! Suspenders with vest are ideal way to rock your casual look; may it be an afternoon brunch party or an evening of music and laughter. Suspenders with vest can be pulled off in a creative, whacky and completely novice style without looking out of place!

In the world of formalwear, suspenders are often considered as a piece of undergarment which must be hidden under a jacket. But thanks to the hippie and indie culture that rose during the 80’s that suspenders became a mainstream fashion statement that needed no curtains to hide behind.

Tread With Confidence

suspenders with vest
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While all sorts of fashion statements need a dose of confidence to be pulled off the right way, suspenders with vest need an extra dash of it to make an impact in public gatherings. If you are looking to pull off this style at a wedding or a formal dinner, make sure you are clad in dark shaded clothes with a black suspender on to fit the look. A little camouflage hurts nobody rather, being monotone in formal events is a graceful and elegant choice.

We agree this look is a little tricky to carry and you may find yourself stuck in a limbo between suspenders or vest but, fortune favors brave! Not only in war but also in the daily struggle of standing out from a crowd. If you wouldn’t know, you would never know? (Coldplay reference alert!)

Hanging Down Suspenders Is Always An Option

suspenders with vest

If you are still finding doubts lurking in your mind about suspenders with vest, then we have got another idea that can work for you! Channing Tatum, an American actor who is known for his appearance in the movie, Step Up, was spotted wear suspenders in a pretty funky way! While hipsters from the 80’s had already invented this look, it was only when Tatum rocked the hanging down suspenders during a public appearance that this style picked up a great deal of attention and traction from fashion enthusiasts around the world!

Why can’t you change your perspective towards this fashion a little and turn things a little upside down?

Take Some Inspiration From Girl Power

suspenders with vest

Yes, you got that right. Suspenders with vest is not a trend limited to men only! Women have been rocking this look with grace for some years too. So the next time you feel confused, you take some confidence from the girl power around you! 😉

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