Pack Up Your Dress Pants in the Most Efficient Manner

We have taught you how to fold dress shirts but today we come to how to fold dress pants? A man’s closet is filled with hung up dress pants on hangers but what about packing them? We have seen many men pull out their hair in frustration when it comes to this. We decided to take it upon ourselves to help our fellow men in this matter. If you have a garment bag then use it to carry your pants as that will keep the iron in place perfectly.

There are articulate guides out there that will tell you all about the packing process for a trip. Unlike others, we will be providing you little details along the way that will make you a pro at packing. Dress pants are expensive items of the closet and should be treated with care and respect. retainedfirefighter provides you more tips. You cannot just bunch them up and throw them in your closet or suitcase. There are certain steps that you need to take to retain their look.

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How to Fold Dress Pants- Step by Step Guide

First, let us talk about how to do the whole procedure by breaking it down. We will teach you how to fold up your dress pants properly. It will make it easier for you to understand it and follow efficiently.


The preparation of the pants is necessary.  If you pack up wrinkled up dress pants, then packing them up smartly will not make a difference. Ironing the pants is the first step in this guide. You can either send them to the dry cleaners or take up the task at home. Wash the pants thoroughly and iron them. Whilst ironing, do it in such a way that the creases look like they are set in stone. Make sure to straighten out the pockets by pushing your hands inside them.


Choose a straight surface for folding the dress pant. For pants with crease, from the waist, pick them up and lay them down with the seams facing upward. Layer one leg of the pant over the other with the seams still up. The ends of the pants should be right on top of each other and lined as perfectly as possible. If there is a bulge, then zip up the pant and fold the waistband, as necessary. Smooth your hands over the pants to get out all the creases.

Pants that have no crease need to be placed on the surface so that the back of the pant faces up. The legs will go over each other with the seams facing out and the bulge would be on the other side.

The end step is the same for both. You need to fold the pants into half so bring the cuffs all way up to the waistband. Try to fit them in your suitcases in this way. If that does not work, you can fold them once more and pack them up nicely.

How to Fold Dress Pants- Tips


  • You should remember that some fabrics crinkle no matter how you iron or pack them. If you have linen dress pants, then they will look a little rumpled after being in the suitcase. If you go for a piece of thicker fabric, then it might retain its shape and ironing.
  • It is always recommended to place your dress pants on top of everything else in your suitcase. This will protect them from creasing up as much as possible.
  • As soon as you get to the hotel, send your dress pants to get ironed.
  • If there is a flat iron in your hotel room, immediately iron the pants and hang them out.
  • If no iron is available, run a towel under warm water and press out the creases with it. After that, air dry the dress pants.
  • You can also try spraying the creases with water and dry them with a hairdryer.
  • If the fabric is light, pick up the pants and shake them from side to side to get the creases out. This works better if there is a bit of moisture in the pants. After that, smooth out the creases with your fingers and hang them up to dry.
  • Place the folded-up dress pant into a sealed bag to reduce the amount of creasing.

How to Fold Dress Pants- Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Do Three-Quarter Folds?

Yes, of course, you can fold up your dress pants by folding them thrice. But the more you fold, the more creases you add. It is true that it will save more space, but you will need to iron out one more layer of creases.

Is There Any Way to Pack Completely Wrinkle Free?

We all want to pack our clothes in a way that produces no creases at all. Sadly, it is not possible, and you will have some crinkles and wrinkles on your hands. You can try to pack it in a manner that it produces fewer creases. But whatever you do, you will need to get the dress pant steamed and ironed once you get to your hotel.

What is the Folding Time of a Dress Pant?

It will only take you a minute to fold up your dress pant with our method. Folding dress pants is not that complicated and will not take much time.

Are There More Methods of Folding Dress Pants?

There might be more methods out there to fold a dress pant. The ones that we have mentioned above are the most efficient and fastest methods to do so.

There you have folks! You might have had trouble in the past folding up your dress pants but not anymore. It is a simple task that just needs to be handled a bit smartly. With the way that we have laid out instructions for you, you will be folding like Marie Kondo in no time. Just make sure to follow each precisely and practice them if need be. You will be the happiest packer in your circle with our guide.

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