Numerous Kinds of Shirt Collars that Look Smart

Are you folks aware of the fact that there are types of shirt collars for men? It is common knowledge that there are different kinds of shirts, but people often forget that collars are of different kinds too. It might not seem like much, but they can make all the difference. The collar of the shirt can decide where you will be wearing it and how. As mentioned by Forbes, the collar style can determine how you look.

Since most men do not go into details of fashion, they might not know what kind of collar suits them. We have come up with information about kinds of collars. But more than that, we will tell you what suits you according to the shape of your face. Here digitalinnovationshow you can check the best collection of shirts for men’s.

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Types of Shirt Collars- Dimensions

Before moving onto anything else, you need to understand the collar itself. For that, we will be talking about the dimensions of a common collar. This is included in the basics of any collar and will help you in purchasing the right shirt.

  • Stiffness of Collar: For almost 100 years i.e. till the 1920s, stiff collars were in fashion. They were made so by using a huge amount of starch on them. Since the washing solutions were not that effective back then, the collars were most attachable. Nowadays, attachable collars are available in contrast collar shirts. You might know them by the name of Winchester shirts. Now the collars are made stiff using glue between the fabrics of them.
  • Height of Collar: You might not realize it but the height of the collar of your shirt says a lot about you. The height tells who you are, the boss, or just an ordinary fellow. A tall collar is the best way to give off boss vibes and make your position known. They are viewed to be more assertive and command the whole room without even trying. Tall collars are sometimes termed as Italian too which is certainly a compliment. Before you start wearing a tall collar, you should know that it would take some getting used to. They can feel a bit heavy on the neck. Most shirts have an additional collar button to keep the collar down and keep it in place.
  • Size of Collar: The size of the collar can throw the whole look wrong if it is wrong. For your workplace, choose a collar of medium size as that is most appropriate. Depending on personal taste, some men go for small collars whilst others go for a big one. You just need to remember that if the size is too big or too small, it would stand out. If you are going out for a leisure activity, then you can go for extremes. Just keep the shape of your face and the size of the head in your mind. People with a big face should go for large collars as that would provide nice symmetry. Men with small faces should go for minimalist collars. Well glenoriegrowers can provide more updates about fashion trends.

Types of Shirt Collars

  • Spread Collar: This collar is also known by the name of Windsor or cutaway collar. The most important thing to know about this collar is that it should only be worn with ties. The collar is used to give off a professional vibe which is why the shirt is worn to business meetings. The size and width of the collar can vary with shirts and you will need to focus on the angles of it.
  • Point Collar: Most dress shirts that you see have point collar or straight collar. The spread of the collar is not too wide, but it comes in all sizes. The lines of the collar are straight which is why it is also known as a forward collar.
  • Button-Down Collar: This is the collar that is held down by two buttons underneath the two points. The collar is strictly kept in place with the help of the buttons. This kind of collar was first introduced in the late 1890s. We owe it to John E. Brooks of Brooks Brothers. When you wear this collar style, always make sure to fasten the buttons.

Types of Shirt Collars- Face Shapes

You can determine the shape of your face by noticing your cheekbones, jawline, and chin. These are the three main things that are the determining factors.

  • Long Face: If you have a long face then it could be heart or diamond-shaped or in the shape of a rectangle. With a face like this, you will have hollowed out cheeks and a small chin. A long face would need to be framed by a spread collar as that will support the features the best.
  • Round Face: A wide face can be round too. The face would not have much sharp angle. It would have wide cheeks and the chin would be round. The forehead is mostly wide both in length and width. Often, people with double chin are also categorized as having a round face. Since the face is already wide, you would need to find a collar that makes it look slender. Point collars work best for these faces. It allows the face to look longer. A point collar will give the illusion of angles to the shape.
  • Long Necks: Some men have too long of a neck and wish to find a fix to that. You can easily hide yours if you wear a collar of enough hire. Purchase shirts with a wide or medium spread collar as that would suit the best.

End Note

A dress shirt sets well on a person if every aspect of it is paid attention. You cannot randomly choose one and hope that it will look good on you. You should choose one according to your body, taste, the occasion to be worn, etc. The collar style that you choose should match your outfit but also go with your body and face shape. With the help of this guide, you can be assured that you will find the right collar style for yourself. Check these out millsriversdaschool .

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