Make the Choice Between Button Down & Button Up

Button up or button down, nobody cares, are we right? Turns out that it is a matter to care about because it says a lot about your fashion sense. Many of you might have never heard a debate about button down vs button up till now. For most men, if it is a shirt, they are fine with it. When it comes to dressing shirts, if it has buttons then it is good to go. But you must learn the differences between a button up and button down. And to know what each kind entails. Dress shirts are important in every man’s life. In the spirit of proper grooming, you should know when to wear a button down or button up.

There is not much science behind it so this will be easy to follow. We have broken down the matter into detail so that you can comprehend it fully. If you are looking for more material, we would suggest that you go to Huff Post. The piece that they have done will significantly increase your knowledge on the matter. The matter of each shirt is not to be taken lightly which is why we wish to educate our readers thoroughly on it.

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Button Down VS Button Up; Collar is the Key

The main difference between the two kinds of the shirt is the collar. More precisely, it is the buttons that go on the collar. We will get into more details regarding this further ahead in the article. Every man knows that the condition of a collar of a dress shirt speaks volumes about him. If it is not crisp and perfectly ironed, then it is considered sloppy. If you have a meeting at the office with your boss or client then a button down should be your choice. You ought to remember that everything lies in the collar. The first major detail that someone might inspect in your attire is the collar of your shirt. What do you want the collar of your shirt to say?

No matter if you are wearing a button up or button down, make sure that the collar is ironed to perfection. If the iron is not done right, it will show immediately if you are wearing a button down. Turned up corners of collars look awful on any dress shirt, whether it is a button down or button front.

What is a Button Down?

A button-down dress shirt is one that has all the buttons going all the way up to the collar. The magic happens because of the two buttons that in-built for the collar. The function is to hold down the collar in a professional manner. The whole term button down is about buttoning down the collar of the shirt. Now that we have pointed it out, it might seem simple enough. The two buttons are essential to the look of the shirt. They are what keeps the look crisp and fresh.

What is a Button Up?

Button up dress shirts are all those shirts that have buttons all the way up. They have the top button that sits between the collar and buttons it. These are the shirts that are commonly found in men’s closets. They are the shirts that are mostly worn and have always been in fashion. These are the ones that you most probably already have in your possession. You might not even know the difference, but you probably own a lot of button ups. They are sold commonly and men tend to choose them for their office wear, parties, etc.

Button Down VS Button Up: When to Wear Each One

Truth be told, there are no special occasions to which each should be assigned. Both dress shirts are perfect for slightly formal occasions. They are designed to help you look sharp for any event. However, many men hold the opinion that button downs are more formal. You can indeed pull off a button down without any tie. But you cannot do that with button ups because they will not look as formal.

If you want to look sharp and handsome, wear a button down with a blazer and sleek tie. We guarantee that everyone in the room will notice you. People love someone who knows how to dress good so you will be appreciated. Women think that men do not know how to navigate the maze of fashion but with a button down, you can prove them wrong.

If you are going for a slightly informal look then you can choose a button up. These work great to office events, cocktail parties, and other such occasions. If you only currently own button ups and want a formal tone, then wear a tie with them to complete the look.

Button Down VS Button Up; Common Terminology

It is important to note here that when most people mention dress shirts, they are mostly referring to button ups. It is done unknowingly due to their fame and integration in the everyday life of every man around the globe. The fact of the matter is that many people often mislabel button ups as button downs. They think that a button down is any dress shirt but do not realize their mistake. The technicality lies in the term itself. Button ups can also be called button fronts or button front shirts.

After today, we hope that you never make a mistake between the two kinds of dress shirts. We believe that each should hold a special place in your heart and closet. Choose which to wear wisely according to the event you are going to. If this post helped you even a bit, then you would never mix up the two. If you want, you can even impart knowledge about the matter. Refer your friends to this article so that they never dress untidily. A man should try his best when it comes to the outfit and what better way to do so than dress shirts?

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