Dazzle Throngs & Make Long-lasting Impression in Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties can be categorized as formal events. It means that there is a certain cocktail attire for men that needs to be followed if you want to blend in. Blending in is not enough, we want you to be able to stand out in the crowd as the most handsomely dressed man. For that, we first need to understand how a cocktails parties work. Find out the common purposes that they are arranged for as that will help you to understand how you need to present yourself in such an occasion.

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What are Cocktail Parties?

Cocktail parties generally count as formal events as this is the gathering where people wish to make contacts. They dress up in their best outfits that match the level of the panache of the event itself. This is the place or occasion where people judge not only the clothes but also the people wearing them on it. The style and choice of the outfit of the person speak volume about the character, mindset, and lifestyle of the person. It is why you must put in extra care into how you want to look in a cocktail party. It is often where many business meetings are conducted. People throw around their business cards in the hopes of grabbing any sort of future work.

As the name itself suggests, it is a party where people throwback alcoholic drinks but it is not someplace that you will find a rowdy crowd. Everyone present there understands that it is a formal occasion. It indicates that there is a certain attire that attendees need to follow. If you are a complete novice on the topic then we would suggest that make yourself aware by following GQ’s advice on the matter.

Cocktail Attire Men

It would be crucial to point out at this time that many suggest that if a fine line exists between formality and relaxation then it is cocktail parties. It can be translated into the point of there being no strict dress code as such. But take it from the experts, it is always better to dress sharp and look your best.

If you are slightly confused whether you should incline towards staunch dressy-pants or to opt for something more relaxed then you need to remember that these parties originated in the 1920s. This means that you just need to watch Great Gatsby. Try to channel that energy when you are going out for any cocktail party and are browsing through your closet. By now, we are hoping that you have grasped what the spirit of a cocktail party is about.

The attire is mainly dependent upon the venue, host, RSVP instructions, and the kind of occasion it is. You will need to keep in mind that your dress will show the host how much you value them and how much effort you have put in for them. Keeping that in mind, we would always recommend going with any kind of suit for cocktail parties. It is the only acceptable outfit for such an occasion.

Cocktail Attire For Men: Kinds of Suits

Have we established that suits are the acceptable attire for men when it comes to cocktail parties? Let’s talk about the kinds of suits that should you can show up in confidently. Draw all eyes to you by going for a devilishly handsome double-breasted suit. But you can also choose a business or a three-piece suit. If you end up wearing a business suit to a cocktail party then make sure to switch it up. You can try tossing out the dress shirt for a polo or lose the tie. Just do something that displays that you did not just roll out of the office and put in some effort.

Cocktail Attire For Men: Matching the Separates

If you are feeling a little adventurous and want to experiment then you can try matching separates for your outfit. When we say separates, we mean different trousers and blazers to put together a new and innovative suit. But make sure that you do not go overboard in the name of innovation. Or else you might become the laughing stock of the party. When pairing separates, you need to keep the colors in mind. If you get the colors right then you would have yourself a very stylish ensemble.

Are you thinking of wearing jeans to a cocktail party? We have to stop you right there and call the fashion police. Wearing jeans to a cocktail party is a true crime and real disrespect to your host. Jeans have no place at all a classy occasion like a cocktail party. One should not even think of such a bad tasted idea. If the invitation instructions are not that strict that you can look into wearing chinos. But only if the rest of your outfit is on point. Make sure that your suit should be outstanding and your shoes should outshine all others at the event.

Cocktail Attire For Men: Accessories

When we think of completing the whole outfit, shoes immediately come to mind but what kind? Shoes are the puzzle that pins everything together. We always vote for sporting formal shoes to complete the dapper look. A good branded watch on the wrist never hurts anyone. Make sure you wear one that matches the vibe of your whole outfit. When it comes to ties and cocktail parties, those two do not exactly go hand in hand. Because these parties are not formal to that level. So put away your collection of ties and loosen up a little.

Follow our guideline above and be a hit at the party. Everyone would be surely attracted to you and your outfit. Moreover, they would not forget you very soon. Use your Great Gatsby gut to make a choice for the outfit. We are certain that you would be able to pull of a great cocktail party look.

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