Art of Folding Up a Dress Shirt

We bring forth a new puzzler for our readers today which is how to fold a dress shirt? All the men out there reading this right now can relate to the fact that it is not an easy job. It might sound like a simple task, but it is not like folding any other shirt. If you do not believe us, then you can see that Business Insider did a whole piece on the topic. Any man who is interested in improving their style and grooming will be ecstatic.

Today we are here to help not only fold better but to make your closet space look better too. If all your dress shirts are folded up nicely, your closet will look more organized. Our way will help you in handling your clothes better. All the while, you will also learn how to efficiently use your closet and luggage space. Today, we have a guide that tackles a lot of things, all at once.

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How to Fold a Dress Shirt; When to Do It

We mostly recommend that you iron your dress shirts and hang them in your closet. This is the best way to keep them. If you are at home, then folding them up is not smart. Some dare devils would still want to fold up their dress shirts. We certainly have something for you a lot too. We can understand that some people are not big fans of ironing shirts beforehand. Men want organized closet space too and we are all for it.

However, if you are planning to travel then it is time you get some folding done. For you to get your packing done right and not destroy your dress shirts in the process, you need to learn the right way to fold.

How to Fold a Dress Shirt; Step by Step

It is important to remember that there is more than one way of folding up a dress shirt. We will teach you the easiest yet most effective way of doing so. This will take the least time and will be the most efficient.

  • For Travel: When it comes to packing up dress shirts, we consider ourselves pro at it. The first thing that you need to do is to button up the shirt. Next, you are going to want to lay down the shirt on a flat surface, button side down. From one sleeve, pick up the shirt slightly and fold it into halves backward. Once that is done, pin the sleeves down to the sides of the shirt. They should not be sticking out. Finally, roll up the shirt starting from the bottom and you are done.
  • For Closet Organization: First up, you should remove the shirt from the dryer as soon as it is done. Once out, make sure to keep it spread out till you fold it, to avoid wrinkles. Button up the shirt all the way and shake it out to get straight and smooth. It is important to remember to button up the collar and cuffs too as that will stop it from wrinkling. Once again, choose a flat surface and place the shirt button side down on it. Glide your hand across the fabric to get all the folds and wrinkles out. Pick up the right sleeve and fold it so that its end comes up to the seam of the right shoulder. Now do the same thing for the left sleeve so that it is folded up till the seam of the left shoulder. When you will do this, you will notice that the right and left side of your shirt also folded up neatly into the center. Finally, fold up the bottom by bringing it to the top i.e. the collar. Turn the shirt around and witness your flawless folded dress shirt masterpiece.

How to Fold a Dress Shirt; Causes of Wrinkles

All men are aware of the hideous nightmare that is creased in a dress shirt. Some creases are so embedded that no matter how much you iron, you can still see a hint of them afterward. Certain things crinkle and wrinkle a dress shirt up. If you leave them for too long in the dryer then this is bound to happen. The fabric of your shirt determines whether it would crease horribly or just mildly. If you have kept your dress shirt folded away for too long, then that is a sure way to get loads of crinkles that will not go away anytime soon. Whilst packing, if you folded your dress shirt way too tightly then it is bound to leave wrinkles in the fabric that will take a lot to get out.

Avoid Creases; A Guide

If you want to avoid the creases that seem inevitable then there are a few things that you can do. Do not stack up too many shirts on top of each other. If you are placing any other clothing item on top of a dress shirt, make sure that it is not too heavy. It is better to loosely fold up your dress shirt if you are keeping them in a closet. Even if you do not iron, you can hang them up using hangers just to avoid the creases. If you have an expensive or favorite dress shirt then you can place acid-free tissue paper between the folds of the shirt. It will keep the look of the shirt fresh and will keep away the wrinkles too.

You can increase the life of your dress shirt if you treat them right. After all, they help you look suave so the least you can do is learn how to fold them up. Taking care of dress shirts might indeed be a little harder than other shirts. The extra effort is worth it because dress shirts are essential for everyone, regardless of gender. With our folding tips and tricks, you can have dress shirts that will make you look like a boss wherever you are.

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