Various Ways of Wearing a Tie Clip

Do you often ask yourself how to wear a tie clip? Does your tie go sideways all the time? Do you wish that it would just stay in place? Tie clips are exactly what you need! With the tie clip, you will never have to worry about your tie or fix it during the meetings. It is an accessory that makes the wearer look sharp and put together. A tie clip says that you have put in an effort into your outfit and are professional. A tie clip is essentially a little piece of metal. It is used to hold your tie in place by attaching to your shirt. Considering its size, the function of it is quite important.

Regardless of the gender, tie clip is a point of matter that causes some level of discomfort to people all around the globe. It might seem such a minor thing considering its size. The truth is that a tie clip is a big part of any outfit. It is the literal linchpin of an attire. We will help out our readers as to how to wear it, when to wear it etc. If we dare be a little proud, we know everything there is to know about them.

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How to Wear a Tie Clip 101

There are certain rules one needs to follow when it comes to tie clips. Believe it or not, there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to wearing a tie clip. If you want to avoid become a fashion pariah then you need to keep a few things in mind. You might think that there is only the one basic function of tie clip but no. Nowadays, they are worn for aesthetics. They come in all shapes and designs and speak a lot about a person’s personality. They add a little stylish touch to the whole attire.

Placement of a Tie Clip

The placement needs to be just right or else you will look very odd. The perfect spot for your tie clip to sit on is the middle of your sternum. Make sure that it falls somewhere between the third and fourth button of your shirt. It should go from right to left so that it catches and attaches the tie clip to your shirt.

Occasions to Wear Tie Clips

There are different occasions when you can utilise a tie clip to take your outfit up a notch.

  • Smart Casual: You can certainly wear tie clips if you are dressing up in smart casual. We would suggest that you go for jeans, button down shirt, blazer and a tie. As for the tie clip, make a statement with it. Choose something that is out of the ordinary. Make it something that will draw every pair of eyes at the occasion. Just make sure that it matches the tone of the event. Of course, it should also complement your outfit.
  • Formal: For a formal look, tie clips that are sombre and smart are the pick. These are the pieces that do not have any sort of flashy design on them. They are all about professionalism and sobriety. The perfect pick will be a silver clip. If you want to add a little pizazz then you can go for a different color. A tie clip with a unique texture might look classy too.

How to Wear a Tie Clip; Types

You will be surprised as to how many different types of tie clips there are available. Basically, there is a tie clip for every occasion imaginable.

  • Tie Tacks: These are a little different from basic tie clips. The purpose of tie tacks is the same as clips. Tie tacks have a pin at the back that punctures the tie. The pin is secured at the back with another piece. The piece is attached to a chain which has a T-bar at the end. The bar goes between the third and fourth button. The bar is used to hold the tie and shirt together.
  • Side Clasp Tie Bars: These come without hinges hence have no complex method of using. The material is metal, and they resemble a bobby pin. It is like a money clip for your tie and shirt.
  • Hinged Tie Clips: Many like to compare these to pegs for clothing items. The main point of it is the hinge that has two bars at the end. If you press just one end of it, the clip unhinges. It can be then placed to clasp the tie and shirt together. To get a hinged tie clip off, you will only need to unhinge it.
  • Skinny Tie Clips: These are the sleek looking tie clips that most modern outfits call for. They are very fashionable and common. A tie clip should not be bigger than your tie so these are the perfect choice.
  • Thick Tie Clips: They are the opposite of skinny tie clips. It might seem like much, but they are a bold choice for any tie.
  • Statement Tie Clips: These tie clips will sport a bold design. They can have a pin, be embossed or adorned in some other way. This is a tie clip that will draw a lot of attention so make sure that it matches your outfit and personality. They go perfectly with solid coloured ties. It brings out their look if they are paired with something simple.

How to Wear a Tie Clip

If you are wearing a thin tie, then you should go for a thin tie clip. For thicker ties, choose a hinged tie clip. If the tie has a lot going on, then go for a simple tie clip and vice versa.

Fashionable tie clips are the little extra spice that you need to sprinkle on your life. We always advocate wearing a tie clip because you can never go wrong with them. If you choose one that goes with your attire, you will rock the look. Tie clips are an investment that every man needs to make in his life.

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