Types of Fades You Can Opt For

Fade haircuts have become increasingly popular among the masses. It is a modern hairstyle that looks sleek and stylish. Moreover, there are different types of fades you can choose from.

The fade cut can help to transform your entire look. There are numerous types of fades such as high, low, medium etc. out of which you can opt for the best one for you.

How did the faded haircut get famous?

The faded haircut was a staple in the US army. The personnel was required to keep their hair neatly cropped at all times.

This hairstyle was picked upon by the African American community and popularized by the hip hop artists. The barbers brought this hairstyle as a new style to the market.

1. The Taper Fades

types of fades

The taper fade is popular for its thicker and subtle decrease in the volume of hair on the sides and back. In comparison to the usual fade, you leave out more hair on the sides in this variant.

The best part about taper fades is that you can mix this cut with a host of different hairstyles. The fade helps to bring attention to your hairstyle, just like the angular fringe is focused in the image above.

2. Various Types of Fades That Go Really Short

types of fades

This type of fade may not be everyone’s top choice. This fade is known as the skin fade, and it is particularly famous in the military.

As the name suggests, the sides are completely shaved to create a gradient of no hair to little hair near the top. You can play around with the gradient you want with your fade.

3. Types of Fades That Go High

types of fades

The high fade is one of the most famous modern hairstyles. You will often see a lot of men rocking this hair do. The high fade haircut starts from the top of your head and starts fading as you go down.

Barbers can get very creative when styling high fades. You can go for shaved lines or designs on your head to bring more attention to the fade. A slight trailing line just near the fade looks good and accentuates your hairstyle.

4. Get A Crown Fade

types of fades

The crown fade is an interesting type of fade haircuts. The crown fade is a versatile haircut that works well for men with thick and thin hair.

Moreover, it gives you the liberty to have any kind of length on top. So, if you want to keep it neat and short or angular fringes, you can choose between the two.

5. Types of Fades – The Mid Fade

types of fades

If you think that the high fade is too edgy for your style, then you can opt for the mid fade haircut. The mid fade is one of the most popular fade haircuts right now.

The mid fade strikes a balance between the high and low fade. It is like the middle ground. You can ask your hairdresser to have the same gradient of fade all around as well with a mid fade.

6. Drop Fade

Men with textured hair should go for the drop fade. The drop fade helps to accentuate the texture of the hair, and the smooth transition of the fade gives off a nice and clean look.

The drop fade is a pretty common sight at many barbershops. Some even consider it as a universal barbering skill.

7. Types of Fades – The Low Fade

Another popular option when it comes to the fade haircut.  If the high and mid fade do not serve your purpose, then you can choose to go for a low fade.

There is not much you can do to play with the gradient of your fade when you taper it low.  

Low fades can be subtle or have more definition. You can add more definition to your hairstyle by using hair wax or pomade.

8. The Neck Fade

The neck fade is the way to go if you are not comfortable getting a full on fade haircut. A neck fade will complement your usual hairstyle. This is more like a supplement to your daily haircut.

A lot of men would actually use it to accentuate their usual hairstyle, while some would base their entire haircut on the neck fade.

The opportunities are endless with this hairstyle.

9. Temp Fades Look Great Too!

Temp fades make your hairline more prominent. So, if you are trying to flex your hairline, then this is the haircut for you.  The temp fade is commonly known as the box fade.

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