Having a collection of good watch brands in a man’s wardrobe, is now considered old-fashioned by many.

A thing of the past.

Once considered a necessity, wrist watches are now limited to being an accessory.

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And that’s all because of the smartphone revolution. Why should men wear watches when we have smart phones today?

That’s not a legit question!

No smart phone can beat a good watch on a man’s wrist. A good watch signifies his personality. It attracts attention and demonstrates his taste and style. This adage really sums it up:

Boys look at their smartphones to check time – Men look at a watch

To some men wearing a wrist Smartwatches is a form of self expression. The watch brand and design can represent a man’s sportiness, reflect his interests in adventure, or personify his status and class.

With the outburst of social media in more recent times, watches have made a comeback as a fashion statement. If you want best linkedin automation tools visit to https://increditools.com/best-linkedin-automation-tools/.

Startup brands like Daniel Wellington, have become multi-million dollar businesses. They achieved such success by only marketing themselves through influencers and social media. In today’s instazood reviewed, the have laid out to you everything theylearned about this tool.

It’s the era of minimalist watches for men (and for women as well).

Minimalist watch brands are taking the world by storm. They are all over Instagram.

Since minimalism is in the air, we’re covering 5 minimalist good watch brands for men. They look great on the wrist. They may not be as good as the luxury watches for men – but you’re not going to pay a fortune to buy one of these.

List of Minimalist Good Watch Brands for Men

  1. Daniel Wellington Men’s 0106DW St. Mawes Stainless Steel
  2. MVMT Watches White Face with Tan Leather
  3. Projects 7404 Unisex 5 O’Clock Watch
  4. Minimalist Watches M1 Mesh Silver & White
  5. Tsovet Men’s Rose/Champagne Case
  6. JDRT Sterling Canvas Strap Watch
  7. Bergmann Classic Watch
  8. Halley White & Gold Single Handed Watch
  9. Rider GT&FQ M002 Automatic Bauhaus Style Watch
  10. Komono – The Walther Tobacco
  11. BIJOUONE B001 Series Navy Blue Unisex Watch
  12. MAX Bill Manual Lines Watch
  13. UNIFORM WARES M40 Date
  14. Skagen Ancher Mono Steel Mesh
  15. Timex Unisex Weekender Fairfield
  16. Rossling & Co. Classic 40mm – Glencoe
  17. TID No.1 36 White / Pine Twain Wristband
  18. Sekford Type 1A Stainless Steel And Leather Watch
  19. Nevo Smartwatch
  20. INSTRMNT 01-B
  21. Kitmenkeung LD 1.0 – S
  22. mnmlst Watch Co
  23. Kent Wang Bauhaus Watch v4 White
  24. The Horse The Classic Watch

Daniel Wellington Men’s St. Mawes (0106DW – Stainless Steel)

A classic brown strap minimalist watch styled for men, Daniel Wellington’s St. Mawes (0106DW) is a must have.

You can get it for yourself, or for a friend as a birthday or an anniversary gift.

And it will still not break your bank account at USD $229.

It is a very good watch brand for aspiring luxury male customer – at a very good price.

For men, the brown strap watches never goes out of fashion. Here is a quick look book for you to get an idea: