Best Round Face Hairstyles for Men

Choosing the perfect round face hairstyles men does not rely on the coolest cuts or the latest trends. But, it is more related to the haircut that is best for the shape of the face. Although many of the hairstylists agree to the fact that it is difficult to pick out haircuts for round faced men. In reality, it is a lot easier than most people assume. This guide has been developed by us, just for you to find the perfect round face hairstyles men.

As observed and demonstrated, the best round face hairstyles men, is a short length cut on the sides and back. A mid fade or a high fade with a little length towards the top. A haircut of this type would enable you to style a slick back, quiff, pompadour, side part or undercut. The main aim is to elongate the face using your hair, avoiding the addition of width.

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Best haircuts for Guys with Round Faces

The main secret behind perfect round face hairstyles men is to add volume to the top of the hair. Without making the face wider. Ideally, the rule is to get a long top, short sides, in order to elongate the face and give more angles to it. Moreover, avoid buzz cuts because that makes the face appear even more round.


One of the coolest round face hairstyles men is a pompadour. This iconic haircut makes the hair appear voluminous, without making the face look wider. Especially when it is a combination of the undercut or high fade. A good pomade is required to style the pompadour, in order to get a good control and height.

Faux Hawk

Another popular hairstyles for round face men is the faux hawk. Hair is left longer towards the center and tapered on the sides. It is a very great way when it comes to adding dimension and height to the hair. The pointed style, which is like a mohawk is modern and edgy, so this haircut is great when it comes to men with round faces, looking to try out something different and new. However, a quality product for styling is a must.

Spiked Hair

Spiked hairstyles add volume to hair that is short, without much effort. Balancing the width of the round face by adding height using the spikes on the top, giving an edgy and hot look. Get a fade for sure, in order to maximize the benefits of the style and cut.

Giving style to spiked hair is very easy, because all you need is two inches of hair on the top. Although they are much more easier to style when the hair is shorter, longer hair can give a more extreme look to the boys.

Side Part

Looking for a more flexible round face hairstyles men? The side part is one of the best choices. Compared to the pompadour hairstyle, this one compliments all personal styles and outfits. This hairstyle is considered to be the most versatile round face hairstyles men. Choose which ever according to your preferences.

Haircut for Round Face Men


Thick Brush Back with Beard

Top Fade

High Volume Undercut

The Comb Over

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