Being one of the easiest and practical ways to maintain hairstyles in men, buzz cut styles have been the trend for over a hundred years. Having a huge range of different buzz cut lengths, it is still proven to be very popular among the army men, and guys who prefer style and glamour. Taking a look at some of the very prominent options, these buzz cut styles are drool worthy.


Buzz Cut Hairstyles

The unique feature about buzz cut styles is that they suit any hair type, color and shape of the face. The buzz cut styles are associated with short hair substantially, and the cut has lengths that very person to person. Or according to the demand of every individual. Experts are definitely required for buzz cut styles, for there are different buzz cut lengths that do not suit every man equally.

The men’s buzz cut styles are not just restricted to styling the hair atop, to lengths that are specific. Instead they can extend to low, high or mid fade. The good things about a buzz cut styles is that it can be styled easily. It has a very low maintenance, when it comes to the cost. The buzz cut styles for men are very simple without any doubt. The most common and best example is the military buzz cut, despite being more compulsive than stylish.

Buzz Cut Fade

The crew cut, which has a longer take in the buzz cut styles has shorter sides and a top that is longer marginally. This style was opted by rowers, to avoid their hair from coming in between as obstacles during races. Due to the general uniformity between the styles, there is not much difference between the buzz cut styles of every type. While the hair stylists might make some tweaks when cutting the hair, according to the shape of your head, hair type, and hair line when it comes to styling it. A lot cannot be done when it comes to distinguishing between one crew cut with another.

Keeping all that aside, the hair can be styled using hair products, wither slicked back or spiked. that mainly depends on what the person’s preference is to honest. Take a look at some of the good looking and smart men to get some inspiration related to the buzz cut styles.

Long Buzz Cut

The long buzz cut is one of the very popular, when it comes to fade buzz cut styles. The neck is faded in this buzz cut style and the hair is pushed upwards in order to get a taper towards the top.

Burr Cut

The burr cut deserves a title of its own, in order to differentiate it with the induction cut. Well that can be questionable, because they both are technically the same buzz cut styles. Unless gone into the depth of it. It is generally differentiated by the length of the clippers, which is either 1 or 2, whereas there is no grading for the induction cut.

Just like the induction cut, this buzz cut uses the same length of clippers across the head, because it has a military background. This buzz cut style is low maintenance, but you will need more than just occasional runs with hair clipper to maintain this style.