We have collected a list of trendy fade hairstyles for men. Shaved sides are a thing of the past. The fade is the latest addition to men’s fashion.

It has quickly risen in popularity because it adds a unique texture to your hair while helping you achieve shorter hair length on the sides.

Moreover, you can play around with this technique to transform many different hairstyles as well. The multiple possibilities that come with this hairstyle makes it an easy choice.

1.      The Simple Fade

fade hairstyles for men

This subtle haircut is all about keeping a low profile. If you are looking for a shorter hair length, this haircut will work well for you.

This fade haircut features the gradual decrease in hair length from top to bottom. You can either go for a long top or chop the top off as well for a low maintenance hairstyle.

The choice is yours!

2.      Fade Hairstyles for Men with a Pompadour

fade hairstyles for men

Our collection of fade hairstyles would be incomplete without the inclusion of this pompadour and fade fusion.

A stylish pomp on the top with faded sides is a sight to behold. It is an attractive haircut that looks modern, thanks to the faded sides.

3.      The Fauxhawk and the Fade

fade hairstyles for men

A fauxhawk is incomplete without a proper fade. It is like a match made in heaven. In this hairstyle, the fauxhawk in the middle is complemented by the light fade on the sides.

You can also go for a more buzzed fade as well if you are into that.

4.      Thick Fade Hairstyles for Men

fade hairstyles for men

The fade hairstyle works well with all kinds of hair type but looks the best on thicker hair. Thicker hair provides more depth to the whole fade.

The added thickness gives great texture to your hair. You can pair this with an undercut and a beard for a stunning look, just like the one referred in the picture.

5.      The Quiff Fade Hairstyles for Men

fade hairstyles for men

A quiff looks best with a fade. You cannot have the perfect quiff look without a fade. A quiff fade is all about a clean, voluminous quiff on top with faded hair on the sides.

This disconnected hairstyle creates a stark contrast between the hair on top and the sides. This contrast elevates the appeal of this hairstyle.

To get this hairstyle right, we advise you to book an appointment with a barber.

6.      The Tight Pompadour and Fade

To get this sharp look, you need to have a tightly rolled pompadour on top. High quality hair wax and a blow dryer is a must to get this look. A fine comb or a paddle brush can help in achieving this look.

Moreover, before you can style this look, you will need to visit a professional hairdresser to help you get this cut.

The fade is thicker at the top, and it gradually tapers down to a bald fade as you go further down. This hairstyle may look high maintenance, but this hairstyle is bound to leave many in awe.

7.      Get a More Tighter Quiff

The name of this hairstyle may sound very familiar. You just read about the tight pompadour in the former point.

The difference between the two is that in a tight quiff, you neatly slick your hair back instead of rolling them into a pompadour. Moreover, quiffs are easier to maintain than pompadours.

To get this cut, taper your fade in an angle that it is aligned with the quiff.

8.      Talk About a Fusion?

This fusion is extremely unique. You will not see many people going for this look. The idea is simple. The top and front of the head are styled as a pompadour while the back is slicked back into a quiff.

The fade follows the pompadour and quiff. It is thicker near the top and finer as you go down towards the neck.

9.      Pompadour Descending Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is about a pompadour on top that has two different things happening on the side. One side of the head is your typical rolled pompadour while the other is a descending fade.

Refer to the image for inspiration and consult a hairdresser if you have eyes on this look.

10.      Piecey Quiff Fade Hairstyles for Men

A hairstyle that is unique and new. If you have a fashion statement to make, then look no further for this is the hairstyle.

Works best for men with thicker and wavy hair.