5 Reasons Why You NEED a Best Friends Bucket List

It is important in life to do the things you love; with the people you care about. Having a best friends bucket list keeps you on track and mindful about what you want to do, the experiences you want to share and the memories you want to create.

If we truly scrutinize our lives, we will soon understand the vicious cycle we are stuck. A cycle that is void from many kinds of fun and entertainment. While we believe that watching a movie or listening to music provides us the necessary fun we need, during this process, we lose sight of the real fun that is always waiting to be explored. And in that moment, if you have a best friends bucket list as an anchor, you will soon find yourself working towards the goals you have created.

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How many times do you find yourself scrolling through bucket list ideas with a glitch in your heart to fulfil them some day? Well, you know what, that feeling of realization is all you need to start putting the hard work in. Creating bucket list examples is the stepping stone towards finding your calling and getting where you want to be.
However, if you don’t have a best friends bucket list, here are some of the great things you are missing out on:

  1. Progressive Positivity

    We use the term ‘progressive’ very thoughtfully here. Simply being positive is not enough in today’s world. You have to be actively working towards your goal and channeling all the positivity into action continuously. One of the biggest benefits of having a best friends bucket list that you will always stay in a state of motion. And if you stop somewhere, you’ve got the best person in the world to push you forward.

  2. Willful Values

    If you are looking to make it big in your lives, you need to write in stone that moving away from your core values is not going to pave way for you. People who lose touch of who they really are and where they come from, more often than never, find themselves in dismay. So when you create goals, even if they are in the form of funny bucket list ideas, you will always go back to the person you were when you created it. Hence, always sticking to your roots.

  3. Directed Determination

    What are you going to do with determination if you lack direction? And how are you going to ensure that the hard work you are doing is heading the right way? The answer is simple. You keep a best friends bucket list! Sounds a little silly in the bigger scheme of things. But if you look at the most successful people, you will realize that all of them are habitual of keeping lists. And any lists made with your best friend, are only going to save you from deviating from your path.

  4. Love for Learning

    As you march towards striking goals off your best friends’ bucket list, you will soon find yourself in a pool of knowledge; thirsty to know more. When you have goals to achieve and someone as supportive as your best friend to keep you going, you are constantly driven by the desire of success. This helps you learn, learn and unlearn till you find what you need.

  5. Kicks Out of Comfort Zone

    Getting comfortable in your comfort zone is like a plague that will tarnish the healthy soul out of you. Every now and then you need to shake things up a little. And the best way to do so is by maintaining a best friends bucket list. By having adventurous ideas, new thoughts and fresh feelings jotted in your list, you can push each other out of routine and into reality – a reality that binds you both to move forward together. Come what may!

We don’t realize the importance that little things have in our lives. When we go astray and have nothing which holds us to the ground, we get frustrated. This leads to depression, failures and a loop of unfulfilled wishes. It is important to break free! So grab your friend now and create that damn list today!

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