Crazy Bucket List Ideas To Plan Your Next Adventure

Sometimes you want to do something out of the box and that is when some crazy bucket list ideas come in handy! When we get stuck in a loop of our daily chores, going all lengths to wrap up our errands, we become accustomed to playing it safe. And while we are stuck in this loop, we become used to staying away from our crazy bucket list ideas; thinking it is either too adventurous or too silly.

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However, it is always a good idea to take a leap of faith and jump into playing around with some unique bucket list ideas. To shake things up for you, we have got a list that might push you to the edge (for the good!). After going through these ideas, you might feel the rush to plan your next adventure as soon as possible 😉

  1. Bungee Jumping

    Bungee Jumping is an act where you are tied to a rope and are asked to throw yourself down from a plain located over a designated height. All you have to do is push your brave button and enjoy the freefall! There are countless places in the world to bungee jump however, if you really want to experience the thrill, we suggest you jump off the Macau Tower in Macau, China. Are you daring enough to strike this off your crazy bucket list ideas?

  2. Glacier / Ice Climbing

    Mountain climbing is oh, so old school! We are talking about ice climbing a.k.a climbing atop a glacier in extreme cold temperatures. Making it to our second suggestion of crazy bucket list ideas, you will have to plan your next adventure near a glacier. There are not many places in the world which offer this service and this sport is most active in Iceland (obviously, duh!). It requires special equipment which will help you climb up the heights of a glacier without taking your breath away, literally.

  3. Underwater Walk

    Did we hear you say moonwalking? Why go so up and above when you can feel something truly magnificent right under our feet? If you are looking for extremely crazy bucket list ideas, we suggest you go no further and take a deep dive under the sea where you don’t float but you WALK. Sea trekking is a new sport which is being offered by a few countries only but the excitement around it is picking up greatly! Why don’t you become the first one to try this out in your friends? Click here to visit Intrepid Powerboats to get some new experience.

  4. Microlight Flying

    Microlight flying is a relatively new and extreme adventure sport. It involves you taking a flight as a co-pilot up and above beautiful scenery. The best part is that you get to fly a jet plane yourself and experience the thrill of being in the air, at a higher altitude and feeling like you have got wings! One of the most popular destinations which offer this sport is Bangalore in India, however, some places in Cambodia offer this as well. Haven’t all of us wished to become a pilot at some point in time of our lives? This adventure sport almost makes our dream come true. And yet, helps us strike off one little thing from our crazy bucket list ideas.

  5. Hydro-flying

    Another way to kick in that rush of adrenaline in your body is to book a tour of hydro-flying! In this extreme sport, you step on a fly board which is kicked in to the air using a hydro-flighting device. You can perform various stunts in the air on a fly-board however balancing yourself in the air is a tricky task. Once you have that sorted, it feels like you are on top of the world. This service is provided in almost all tourist destinations such as Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey et cetera.

  6. Rafting

    Rafting, also known as white water rafting is a water sport which engages you in floating through a white water current on an inflated raft. You are given rows to balance your way through the moving water. The roughness in the river makes it a difficult yet adventurous sport; after all, where is the fun if all we do is play it safe?

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