Cool Bucket List Ideas That You’ve Never Thought About

Not everything has to be grand to be great, right? Whenever you think of cool bucket list ideas, the first few thoughts which come to your mind are either expensive or way out of your league. But life doesn’t have to be such a struggle. Sometimes, some of the most fun moments are tucked away in a corner and we fail to see them while we aim for the sky.

To bring you back to the ground, we have got a few bucket list examples that will get your mind running towards the simple things that you can do which create an array of memorable times.

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Cool Bucket List Ideas

Get ready as we twist and turn the noodles of your mind with some cool bucket list ideas which are not only simple but are hilarious AF:

  1. Learn to Unlock a Door with a Safety Pin

Who would have thought that something as simple as learning how to open a door with a safety pin could add so much fun (and utility, maybe?) to your life? To help you understand why this makes it to our suggestions of cool bucket list ideas, imagine if you were stuck in a room with no internet or a mobile phone? And hypothetically speaking, what if you got locked outside YOUR OWN HOUSE? These little instances are not rare and we often hear about the hassle that comes forth when such silly things happen. Help yourself and learn how to unlock a door. You’ll never be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be in the future!

  1. Pull a Prank in an Elevator

Bored out of your wits taking the same mundane elevator in your office every day? You can easily twist things around by playing a little prank on someone. How so? The next time you walk in an elevator, drop your bag on the floor, pick it up, look inside and scream, “Is there enough air for you in there?”. Conveniently look up and act like nothing happened. You would love to see the reactions you get. If these are not unique bucket list ideas, then what are?

PS: When someone walks in, you could simply announce that you’ve got a new pair of socks on, where’s the stink coming from? 😉

  1. Impromptu Fun When Dining Out

You can turn the mood of the table around the next you dine out with your friends using one of these cool bucket list ideas! When you are ready for your order and the server comes to ask you what you would like, just humbly respond to him by asking for a bottle of Mineral Beer. Imagine the baffled look on his face.

PS: We don’t suggest you do this if you are on a date. Got to keep the integrity going.

  1. Make A Bucket List of Buckets You Want

This is one of the fun bucket list ideas inspired from Homer Simpson. Why don’t you create a bucket list which contains a bucket full of whatever your heart desires? A bucket of fries? A bucket of nuggets? A bucket of fried chicken? A bucket of chocolates? A bucket of love? Anything, put anything to your hearts content out there and get to work to get them!

  1. Crash at an unknown person’s wedding

In our serious lives, we are all very concerned about where we go and the people we meet. We avoid situations where we may seem silly or goofy. But hey, you only live once. Experience the thrill of going to a place completely uninvited. And we are talking about complete strangers. If you see a wedding happening down the road, suit up and walk in confidently. Meet and greet the people. Introduce yourselves as guests from the bride’s family (it always works!). Enjoy the food and the ambiance – all for free!

  1. Ditch Your Phone for One Whole Weekend

When thinking of cool bucket list ideas, we also thought of things that are unimaginable. And keeping the modern trends in mind, we know how mobile-savvy we have become. How about ditching your phone, for a whole weekend, sound like? Not that bad perhaps.

Who said that cool bucket list ideas had to be fancy, only?

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