Long Beard Styles: Inspiration For Your Next Fashion Statement!

Have you ever thought about ‘g(r)owing ahead’ with long beard styles? After all, who doesn’t like to add a little bit of fashion to their every day look? Beards have been a symbol of masculinity since times immemorial. Men from all decades in history till date sport different kinds of beards to present their masculine personality to people around them, check this article recommending growth supplements for your beard which can be just for you.

Although clean shave has also been a very popular option among men, long beard styles have always been a cult that brought out the broodiness of a man.  From religious angles to societal pressures, men’s beards have a long history of evolution.

Nonetheless, we still think that long beard styles look totally lit on men these days and some of them actually make our eyes gawk out in amazement. Why do you think that is? Check these out cmsmd .

For your eyes only (yep, lol), we have compiled a long list of long beard styles which will give you a kick in the gut to explore something new for yourself. Learn more about Men’s guide click drssa .  While it will take some time for people around you to get used to your new look, don’t be damned about the possibility of not even trying it out! After all, success lies where fear ends and hence, we need to look upon that fear and tread into a world of unimaginable explorations.

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Long Beard Styles

Long Beard Styles #1: The Longer The Mustache, The Longer The Beard

Who said you only have to grow long beard styles? Come to think of it, you have a long beard but no mustache to support it with – Wouldn’t that look totally off? While some hipsters might think that it is a cool look to sport but mainstream fashion tries to stay from such experimentation. However, a long beard with a long mustache gives off a rugged and burly look to your personality; making you feel an edge over your masculinity. The vigor this brings to your personality in unmatched and intimidate others around! Perfect for putting an everlasting impression where you want to pose yourself in a position of power.

Long Beard Styles #2: Spruce It Up!

You don’t have to typically follow a guidebook to shortlist your long beard styles; rather playing around  a little with the length will help you in determining a style that is best suited for you. Long beard styles doesn’t mean that your beard touches the floor but it only means that you are growing it out of your facial real estate and letting it lose in thin air. This sprucing of your beard works greatly for men who have thick curly hair as it can be rounded at the bottom, near the half of your neck, giving you a sexy, smart and stylish look!

Long Beard Styles #3: Straight Down

You don’t have to become all fancy and swirly when styling your long beard. The most popular style in carrying a long beard is this straight down one. Trimmed in line with your face line, this beard is grown vertically down to increase the length of itself and cut into a square or a box or a linear line sometimes to give off a neat, clean look. This beard looks graceful for men of all ages especially men in their middle ages. The time when they become broody yet feel young at heart to sport something experimental in their personality. When the beard is cut straight down, the chances of it growing also become very neat and tidy. Unlike most other cuts that need to be maintained every now and then, this simple cut helps you save on the hassle of regular maintenance (unless, of course, you need it).

Long Beard Styles #4: You be U.

At the end of the day, it comes down to how well you manage your look and make others a fan of how you present yourself. From being confident to adoring yourself with a fashion statement that is unique to you, there are quite a few ways to create an everlasting impression on those around you. When it comes to long beard styles, this u-shaped beard is the every day go-to choice for men who go to work, university or handles businesses. It looks classy. It can be easily trimmed. It looks gracious.

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