Thieves Oil Uses & Benefits

There are tons of thieves oil uses that you probably don’t know about.

After all, we’re certain that there aren’t many essential oil blends that can top the benefits of thieves oil. Visit mim to  know more alternatives.

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The strange legend behind this essential oil is that a bunch of thieves covered their bodies with a combination of clove, cinnamon, and rosemary essential oils that protected them while they purloined valuables and money from the dead bodies of victims affected by the plague.

thieves oil uses

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What is Thieves Oil?

Thieves oil is an incredibly powerful mixture of lemon, clove, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus Radiata essential oils for a highly aromatic blend which can fill any space with an earthy, rich and spicy aroma.

Benefits of Thieves Oil

thieves oil uses

The benefits of Thieves essential oil are especially valuable for individuals who are suffering from gastrointestinal problems, a weak immune system, inflammatory conditions, poor respiratory health, skin irritation, hypertension, obesity, and osteoporosis, among others.

Some of these benefits are discussed below:

Skin Care

Get your handsomest face ever with the latest on men’s skincare. Both lemon and eucalyptus essential oils found in Thieves oil have potent antiseptic and disinfectant properties, which makes them ideal for cleaning various surfaces in the home, but you can also use it on your skin. If you mix Thieves oil with a good carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba oil, it makes a great concoction that you could apply directly to your skin in order to help clear up various skin conditions, like psoriasis or eczema.

In addition, you could apply it to wrinkles and lines to allow the powerful antioxidants to take full effect, which will leave your skin rejuvenated as well as protected. And while you’re at it, learn how to get rid of blackheads fast.

Weight Loss

For quite a while, Lemon oil has been considered a great weight-loss tool. This is because it can stimulate the release of specific hormones in the body that cause it to feel full “fullness”.

Not to mention, the metabolism-boosting properties associated with Thieves essential oil promotes passive fat-burning which is a bonus for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Reduces Fever

Keep in mind that clove essential oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory abilities, while lemon essential oil can effectively reduce fevers while lowering the level of free radical activity. people also search on health info for understand the best things about Thieves oil is that with such a powerful combination ingredients, you can expect some complementary and overlapping abilities.

For example, rosemary essential oil is associated with joint disorders as well as relieving inflammation and pain in the muscles.

Boosts Immune System

All the different ingredients found in Thieves essential oil usually have a great impact on your immune system, either with antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic or antioxidant qualities. It is precisely why this oil was so popular and useful back in Medieval times; people believed it to be an effective protective shield against the Black Plague.

As it turns out, the potent infection-fighting chemicals present in the oil make for an excellent defense of your body against a variety of infections.

Thieves Oil Uses: The Ultimate List

thieves oil uses

The oil offers a variety of amazing uses: here are a couple of important thieves oil uses you should know about:

1.      Spice Up your Apple Cider

Add a couple of drop of Thieves essential oil to a small cup of lukewarm apple cider. It will help spice it up as well as enhance the flavor and taste of the apple.

2.      Clean your Dishwasher

A couple of drops of Thieves essential oil in the dishwasher and you are all set for a nice sanitizing cycle. So eco-friendly and green of you!

3.      Refresh your Room

If you diffuse Thieves essential oil naturally it will help clear the air. You can also add a couple of extra drops of lemon or cinnamon essential oil. All we know is that everyone likes coming into a refreshing room which smells like something tasty is baking!

4.      Make a Soothing Wellness Tea

Add a couple of drop of Thieves essential oil and one spoonful of honey to your warm cup of water. You can enjoy this drink in the morning or anytime you want an energy boost.

5.      Thieves Oil and Chocolate make a Great Combo

Add a couple of drops of thieves essential oil to your homemade chocolate. You are not going to regret it! It will add a great cinnamon flavor.

6.      Add to the Toothpaste

If you prefer to DIY, you could make homemade toothpaste and then add Thieves essential oil to it. It will taste fantastic. Keep in mind that ready-made Thieves oil toothpaste is available in the market as well.

Bonus Uses

  • Refresh musty carpets by adding 5 to 6 drops of thieves oil to a small cup of baking soda; make sure you combine it well and let it sit overnight until the oil is fully absorbed. The next day, sprinkle the mixture over your carpets and vacuum.
  • Diffuse 6 to 10 drops of thieves oil to create a soothing environment at home for some downtime. You can also customize your thieves oil experience if you add a couple of drops of tangerine, orange or nutmeg essential oil.
  • Mix 8 to 10 drops of the oil with water in a four oz. spray bottle in order to repel insects and bugs on your plants and flowers.
  • Diffuse the oil in your office in order to increase work efficiency and concentration.
  • Put a couple of drops of thieves oil on a tissue and place it near your heat/AC vents to get rid of airborne germs.
  • Mix several drops of the oil with baking soda to clean your bathtub.
  • Add a couple of drops of the oil to your mop water for cleaner floors.

Wrapping it Up: Thieves Oil Uses

Did you enjoy reading about thieves oil uses? Tell us about some of your favorite uses in the comments section below.

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