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Since the last decade, men have started to get into the beard culture quite religiously, not literally though but we do love a good beard on our faces these days but how long does it take for hair to grow a beard? If not for ourselves, the ladies too have started to be fairly attracted to a nice, thick face furniture. But before you decide to grow one, there are some things you need to know benefits of having a beard. Well many of better guides like h-t are there to guide you for better hair growth. First off, we’ll start with the phases of hair growth.Learn more at drssa .

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The Phases of Hair growth

Anagen Phase

It is the phase where your hair is actively growing. For facial hair, this phase can last from 2 to 7 years depending on many factors like diet, genetics, health, etc.

Catagen Phase

This is the phase where the hair stops actively growing and is in the resting phase of the hair. This stage usually lasts anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks

Telogen Phase

In this phase, the hair follicle is completely inactive and is getting ready to fall out and make space for a new hair follicle to start its anagen phase all over again. This stage lasts up to 100 days for facial hair.

Every mammal hair goes through these three stages but with different timelines. In humans, these timelines depend up certain factors which are:


Age plays a huge role in determining the anagen phase of your hair. The anagen phase of hair lasts a lot longer in young people than the older ones.


Genetics not only affects the anagen phase of your hair but it also determines how much facial hair you’ll grow. Some people can grow a thick beard within 2-4 months of not shaving while others might have a small patchy beard for a very long time.

Physical Health

Yes, you heard it right, physical health can greatly affect your hair growth including the ones on your face. The anagen phase of the hair can be cut short if a person is affected by sickness for a long period.

Growing a Healthy Beard

So the question arises, what is the main factor that makes men grow facial hair? And the answer is…. Drum roll please….. *Testosterone*. Testosterone is the defining factor of the kind of facial hair you grow. Now some of the men have naturally low testosterone than others which mostly depend on your genes but there ways to actively boost your testosterone levels. Don’t go anywhere because we are going to tell you exactly how to do that.


Having a healthy workout routine is one of the best things you can give to your body. It has uncountable benefits one of which is boosting testosterone levels in a man. Adding caffeine and creatine supplement can increase the testosterone boost though. Apart from that it also helps carry oxygen faster to the body which helps in healthy hair growth including the head and the face.


A healthy diet greatly affects the testosterone levels in the human body. Eating less or overeating can cause a drop in testosterone levels so it is necessary to keep a balanced ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats in your body.

The Testosterone Boosting Supplement

Vitamin D is considered to be the main testosterone building supplement on a body. So it is suggested that you take vitamin D rich foods, a lot of sun of maybe some vitamin D supplements to elevate the levels of testosterone in your body. But keep in mind that excess vitamin D can cause a buildup of calcium in blood and kidneys causing a lot of health issues, which is why it is necessary to take doctor’s advice before starting any kind of replacing supplement.


Sleep is one of the most important needs of the body for almost every function of the body which also includes the buildup of testosterone. According to research the testosterone levels of a body increase by 15% with each hour of sleep it gets. Sleep deficiency decreases testosterone heavily in the human body. Other than cell growth is almost doubled during sleep time which affects the hair growth individually in a human body.

Avoiding Stress

Long term stress can increase the cortisol hormone in the body which is inversely proportional to the testosterone levels in a body according to research. Stress also increases the chances of over or under eating which can directly affect hair growth and testosterone levels in the body. That’s why try to keep your stress levels to a minimum by healthy exercise, meditation, a healthy diet, or if necessary, therapy.

Other Ways of Boosting the Serum

The other ways to keep a high level of testosterone and having a healthy beard is maintaining a healthy sex life which is said to boost the testosterone levels at a high rate. Also, decreasing the amount of alcohol consumption and quitting smoking can also help have high testosterone levels in a body.

Treating Your Beard

First of all, you need to remember that it takes a lot of time to grow your hair. Depending on external factors the hair growth can vary anywhere from a quarter of an inch to almost half an inch so it will most likely take at least 2-4 months to grow a thick beard and around 6-7 years for the beard to reach the maximum growth. To grow a beautiful beard, always remember to clean it regularly, comb it, keep it hydrated and conditioned. It is also a good idea to visit the barber every few weeks to give your beard a small trim to make it look smooth and clean.

Also, it is never a bad idea to use some beard maintaining products which will help you grow a very beautiful beard and also help you get through the itchy phase you go through in the first month of beard growing. Yes, might have forgotten to tell you that earlier but your beard will itch in the beginning and oiling, combing and conditioning are one of the ways to keep it at a minimum. But please don’t let it demotivate you from growing your beautiful face-fur. Let it grow, men. It will definitely be worth it.

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