The Number 2 Haircut: Length, Guide and Look Book

As you familiarize yourself with the beauty in the world of haircuts, you will soon learn the little (but huge) difference between a number 2 haircut length as opposed to number 1 and so forth.

Numbers of each haircut are given with respect to the clipper that is being used to trim them down. For a number 2 haircut length, the number 2 clipper will be used. This means that the clipper used to trim down your hair will take up to 1/4th of your length – just a tad bit longer than number 1!

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Knowing What A Number 2 Haircut Length Is

There are very little (but significant) differences in each number. In number 2 haircut length, your length will be trimmed down to 1/4th of your hair, which is still going down very short. This also the most popular technique because it is largely used for buzz cuts and faded sides by a majority of people! Unlike number 1 haircut length which exposes your scalp, the number 2 haircut length does not expose your scalp much. Also, if you are balding, then a number 2 haircut length is ideal for you to keep some of those bushes in tact!

Types of Face Cuts A Number 2 Haircut Length Suits

Similar to haircut number 1, a sharp, edgy face with a prominent jawline is ideal for number 2 haircut length. In fact, this should be the most wanted choice for chiseled men who are looking to draw focus towards their physique and not a bunch of hair. This also works best for men who don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to fix their hair every day. If you want to keep short and simple, haircut number 2 length is for you!

Celebrities Who Rock The Number 2 Haircut Length – Inspiration Look Book

Celebrities who love to carry themselves with immense grace pull off the haircut number 2 length very well. While this haircut length is mostly used for sides and buzz cuts, here is some inspiration of popular faces who have adorned this look very eloquently!

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