The Number 1 Haircut: Length, Guide and Look Book

Greetings Gentlemen! Welcome aboard to the number 1 haircut length guide! We are sure you are used to getting your hair done every few weeks but do you really know what you are getting and what suits you? Have you been asked by the barber about what number haircut length you want and you shrugged his question with a photograph in your phone?

Knowing what number haircut you want basically implies on what hair clipper size you are choosing to go forward with. Visit us touroftoowoomba for more haircut guide.In the case of number 1 haircut length, a number 1 clipper or guard will be used to trim down one eight of your total length! The logic behind the names is no rocket science but knowing what they mean is highly important for someone who likes to play with their a little!

Well then, it is time to get down and dirty to find some meaning!

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Knowing What A Number 1 Haircut Length Is

A number 1 haircut length is 1/8th of your original hair length (almost 3mm). You can imagine that this length leaves dots of hair on your head and is ideal for faded sides. But you can get your entire head trimmed to the number 1 haircut length and still look pretty darn handsome!

Types of Face Cuts A Number 1 Haircut Length Suits

Not all hairstyles suits all kinds of people. We recommend you always take an opinion from someone around you about the suitability of new haircut. Nonetheless, since a number 1 haircut length completely trims down your hair, this is suitable for people with prominent jaw lines and leaner faces. An (almost) shaved head on a leaner face looks very neat!

Celebrities Who Rock The Number 1 Haircut Length – Inspiration Look Book

Every now and then you will spot a popular figure sporting the number 1 haircut length with grace! In fact, most of the male celebrities have had the number 1 haircut length at some point in time in their career. So if you are hesitant to go so short, we recommend you take a plunge and see how it goes! Here are some of our favorites with number 1 haircut length!


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