Your In-Season Checklist: Summer Bucket List Ideas to Shine With!

Have you ever made summer bucket list ideas before? Or have you let your summer holidays pass by without a motive or a fun checklist of sorts? Regardless of how you have spent your previous summer, this summer is all about maximizing your vacation with a luxurious stay at Barbados Villas and some cool summer bucket list ideas!

From doing little things which actually matter to do some completely nonsensical actions, it is time to goof around and let your inner child take the lead. After all, who has even seen tomorrow? Summer bucket list ideas should not limit your mind into doing only the few things that you have agreed upon. It is not a strict book rules but a guide to making your dull days fun and exciting.

So here it goes:


  • Soak in the Sun for the Whole Day
  • Enroll in a Summer Camp
  • Drink for a Coconut
  • Go to an outdoor concert

If you haven’t been to an outdoor concert, you have seen very little Jon Snow! (GOT Reference). And this makes it a must-have in your summer bucket list ideas. Outdoor concerts are a whole new experience on their own. From watching your favorite artists play in broad daylight to witnessing the sun set as you dance to the tunes of your favorite music, the whole experience is breathtaking and one that must not be delayed!

  • Plan and spend quality time in a Picnic

Over all, try to make it your agenda to spend quality time out of your home. As we are growing up in the modern age, our lives have become central to our computers, television and gaming consoles. We rarely go out and experience the natural things. Plan a picnic with your friends or loved ones and let these summer bucket list ideas get your out of your comfort zone.

  • Sell Something of Your Own

How about you learn a new skill as you find your way into interest summer bucket list ideas? Create something as small as cupcakes and put up a stall in your yard! Sell them to strangers passing by. This little activity will teach you loads about talking to people, earning your own money and other tricks of trade. It is always a good idea to develop a new skill or learn something new – go for it!

  • Buy 6 new books and finish them
  • Learn basics of a new language
  • Do thrift shopping like nobody knows
  • Take your mom out for dinner
  • Re-arrange the furniture in your room

A little change in your room can bring about a huge difference in your attitude. Did you know that moving around furniture has a psychological affect on your brain? Your brain perceives all kinds of change has a stimulating experience that helps it move forward, be more motivated and progressive. A simple change of placement in your room will give your mind the ‘new affect’ and hence, uplift your mood throughout your holidays. Aren’t these summer bucket list ideas good for your body and soul?

  • Play an Instrument
  • Ride a bicycle and make it your primary commute (if it isn’t already)
  • Soak the Sun On the Beach
  • Else play some สล็อต pg games with your friends or loved ones.

How can any summer bucket list ideas thoughts be complete without a trip to the beach? This summer, instead of just going there for the whole day, how about you plan a sleepover under the sun with your pals? Take a tent, some basic food and enjoy the sound of the waves as you fall asleep. A little isolated corner at the beach and you will have your privacy to have all the fun you want! Break free from the city and absorb the nature!

  • Learn a new fitness routine

Doesn’t matter if you are already very fit (or consider yourself to be), learn a new form of fitness. Flexing your muscles the right way will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Not kidding, get a trial class for yoga and witness the flow of energy in your body. And if yoga is too dull and boring for you, take a few classes of Zumba. The high intensity cardio dance will get your body shaking for more!

Always think through your summer bucket list ideas so you can make most of your time. Divide them into activities which cover all aspects of your life such as time with family & friends, learning new things and taking up experiences that mold your soul! Wish you a bright vacation ahead!



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