Funny Bucket List Ideas That’ll Knock Your Socks Off!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! What is life without some funny bucket list ideas after all? The great Charlie Chaplin lived by the rule, ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted!’ and we could not agree more!
Don’t get so comfortable in the monotony of life. It is highly important to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and experience something new. You must have heard ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’ being thrown around callously without much meaning, but it is important to sit down and think over what it really means. What it means to shake up things a little bit? How silly is it really to think of some funny bucket list ideas?

Simply jotting some funny bucket list ideas down is the first step you can take into making each day a little more fun for yourself. After all, doesn’t the world seem a lot better with a smile on your face? Of course it does! To top that, laughter is contagious! So what’s stopping you!?

To get your funny noodles running, we have curated some bucket list examples as funny food for soul:

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  1. Pay In Pennies

Might sound like nothing to you by try paying a $50 bill in pennies? Imagine carrying that amount of metal, setting it on display, counting them all and handing them over to the cashier? This entire journey of paying a simple bill might look obnoxious but it will be hilarious in practicality! Imagine the look on the cashier’s face? Make this little activity a part of your funny bucket list ideas and try to execute it when you are feeling low. It will surely cheer you up!

  1. Talk Like A Friend To A Stranger

Whether you are waiting for the bus or standing in queue at Starbucks’, say hello to the person in front of you and start chatting away like he is your old friend. Funny bucket list ideas can result in igniting some friendships so tread with care! Talk this stranger like you know him by reminiscing some old memory of you two together. Watch his expressions change in bewilderment or astonishment! What a wonderful sight would it be to see him play along! And if the other person tells you that you are mistaken, try convincing him that he’s wrong. Eventually, become sad, nod and walk away.

  1. Read Upside Down

Take some inspiration from the classical Mr. Bean! When travelling in the subway or sitting in a bus, pick a book and pretend you are reading it upside and down. Make sure you have got your concentrated expressions right! Funny bucket list ideas might not always spur an interaction but they will most likely create confusion around you and internal humor for you! You can laugh about other people’s expressions later! It is all about gaining the spotlight and making fun with it!

  1. Order A Whopper at McDonalds

What’s the harm in stirring some fun with these food giants! Go to the counter of McDonalds and politely request the guy to get you a Whopper. Firstly, he won’t understand where you are coming from and when he does, insist him to give you one! Don’t take no for an answer. Be confident and very clear in your debate about how McDonalds’ Whopper is the best and you have been devouring it since you were a child! The bewilderment on funny bucket list ideas is priceless!

  1. Ask For Directions About Where You Are

Oh, this one can get you a good laugh! Standing wherever you are, stop a person passing by and ask him to tell you how you go here. For example, if you are at Time’s Square, ask someone how to get to Time’s Square. When they tell you that you are the destination, tell them they are wrong and you are in an emergency to reach Time’s Square! If someone decided to actually guide you through it, tell them, ‘Thank you, it was very nice of you. Now I am sure I will get where I want.’

Funny bucket list ideas are to add entertainment to your daily doozy! Wake up, shake things up and sprinkle some fun in your monotonous life!

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