The Number 3 Haircut: Length, Guide and Look Book

Knowing more about your hair and different styles, such as the Number 3 haircut length, can help you make better decisions about your appearance in the long run. While there is a lot of hype around haircuts for women, not much is said and done when it comes to the same for men.

Men’s haircuts are rather simple. They are easily numbered where each number depicts the size of clipper which will be used to trim down the length. The number 3 haircut length, for instance, uses the number 3 clipper or guard. This clipper will simply trim down your hair into a specific length without any confusions or differences.

Men generally don’t have to explain a lot about the hairstyle they want. Thank the numbers!

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Knowing What A Number 3 Haircut Length Is

One of the most popular cuts is the number 3 haircut length in men! For this cut, your barber will use a number 3 blade which allows for approximately 3/8th of the length of your hair. This is a low maintenance, low worry haircut that doesn’t even show your scalp! If you have the fear of looking bald, then number 1 & 2 haircuts are not for you. But if you also find yourself at the crux of not wanting to worry for your hair along with not looking bald either, then the number 3 haircut length is like a match made in heaven for you! Get it tapered on the sides and you can easily sport the Ronaldo look! *wink*

Types of Face Cuts A Number 3 Haircut Length Suits

The number 3 haircut length is well suited for just about anyone! No matter the shape of your face, long, thin, broad or chubby, a number 3 haircut length will blend in just right! Since this is neither short nor long, you can easily throw caution in the wind!

Celebrities Who Rock The Number 3 Haircut Length – Inspiration Look Book

If you are still a little unsure about the number 3 haircut length for you, then here are a few men who have sported this look very well! Perhaps, this will help you understand if this haircut is meant for you or not!

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