Outfit Inspiration: How to Wear Desert Boots with Jeans?

If you’ve been looking for inspiration on how to wear desert boots with jeans, we’ve prepared a look book for you.

The desert boot is a very versatile boot. It can be worn with a number of outfits. Formal, business casuals, smart casuals, dressed down… you name it.

We recently posted a chukka boots for men guide, that also covers the desert boot, its versatility, and its history in detail. Check it out if you’re interested.

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How to Wear Desert Boots with Jeans

Desert boots come in a variety of materials – oiled leather, beeswax, nubuck and suede. And they also come in a variety of colors and styles.

Especially Clarks Desert Boots for men (they also have a large variety for women). They are classic and affordable. Also, Clarks Shoe Company is known to bring the desert boots to market in the mid-1900s.

How to Wear Dark Brown Desert Boots with Jeans

Dark brown desert boots can go with a number of outfits. They can work with business casuals, as well as formals. Here are some dark brown desert boots that you can wear with jeans.

Pairing the dark brown desert boots with blue jeans is a classic combination.

It gives men a more dressed down look with a rugged edge (especially the Clarks desert boots beeswax version.

Brown desert boots with jeans has a more casual appeal to it in our opinion.

How to Wear Navy Suede Desert Boots with Jeans

The navy suede desert boots are extremely versatile as well. You don’t realize this at first, but Brock from The Modest Man showed us how well the navy suede desert boots go with jeans.

Here are his smart casual and casual outfits.

The navy desert boots are a more sophisticated upgrade to the brown ones. Even if you pair them with jeans, they give you a more smart casual look.

That’s if you’re going for a more formal – and not wanting to look too “boyish.”

How to Wear Black Desert Boots with Jeans

Wearing black desert boots with jeans can give men a more prepped up, a more high street casual look. It can also skew towards a more formal outfit if required.

We’ve got a suede leather boot vs a leather desert boot in the look book here.

Don’t you think wearing black desert boots with jeans looks more preppy?

How to Wear Slate Blue Desert Boots with Jeans

Slate blue? We love the color, but to be honest, we were skeptical on how these would pair up with jeans. But these slate blue desert boots look great for both smart casual as well as a casual attires.

How to Wear Sand and Tan Desert Boots with Jeans

Both sand and tan desert boots are our personal favorite. They are very multi-functional and probably the most versatile colors that can go with any outfit you are aiming for.

They also go really well with jeans, and below is our inspiration look book on how to wear sand/tan desert boots with jeans.

Bonus: How to Wear Desert Boots with Jeans (Unique Colors)

Here are some unique colors the desert boots are available in. These are edge, and very nicely styled with jeans.

These are not your everyday wear colors in our opinion, but are definitely worth having in your collection (if you have the money)

Verdict: How to Wear Desert Boot with Jeans?

Hopefully, now you’ll have a fair idea on how to wear desert boots with jeans. Which colors give you a more dressed down vs dressed up look.

And you’ll be more prepared to rock an impression on your colleagues, friends and family.

Let us know how it goes.

Featured Image Source: Not So Lazy Sundays

Outfit Images Source: Pinterest


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